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For Those Who Love SPEEDWRAP® & VELCRO® Brand Fasteners: The History Of Hook and Loop

The History Of Hook and Loop- Inspiration to Cable Management Solution Continue reading

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What is Hook and Loop?

Many people contact us requesting hook and loop information. While there is a very straightforward answer to the question, – “What is hook and loop?” – most people are also curious about different applications. Hook and loop: A Material. First, … Continue reading

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Hook and Loop Products: Helping Doctors, Nurses, and Hospitals Succeed

An organized work environment helps save valuable time and effort and improves safety. We all know how making our homes, offices, and work settings organized makes us more efficient. Now, consider the work environment of a hospital. Consider how the … Continue reading

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Cable Management: Hook and Loop Solutions

Not only are out of control cables unsightly, but they also make work less efficient and they can be a safety hazard. Thankfully, there are several great cable management products you can use to corral your cables and keep them under control. Continue reading

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Effective Data Center Organization With Hook and Loop Cable Ties

Today, it’s hard to escape the cord clutter that threatens to overtake every room. The problem is especially prevalent in data centers. In a professional data center, it’s imperative that you keep cables neatly organized, route them efficiently, and protect them.

Due to the large quantity of cables in a data center, organizing them is not a simple task. Installers and integrators are looking for any edge that will simplify this process or to make it more user-friendly for future revisions. An example of a time saving fastening and organization solution can be found with hook and loop cable ties. Here are our suggestions for using hook and loop cable ties in your data center organization. Continue reading

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