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Avoiding Server Room Spaghetti: Practical Ideas to Keep Your Cables Organized

Messy cables in server rooms can impact air-flow, signal loss and maintenance. These tips can help organize those cords and cables, safely. Tips include patented and innovative products and more. Continue reading

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Five Great Uses for Industrial Velcro

Velcro® brand products aren’t just fun; they are also extremely practical and useful. Here are five great uses for industrial velcro. Contact the VEL-PERTS™ at Speedtech International Inc at (866) 427-1456 to learn more! Continue reading

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How Cable Organization Can Increase Electrical Safety

Cable organization plays an instrumental role in improving electrical safety. Although there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for commercial sites, employing some basic cable organization practices can increase electrical safety. Continue reading

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Effective Data Center Organization With Hook and Loop Cable Ties

Today, it’s hard to escape the cord clutter that threatens to overtake every room. The problem is especially prevalent in data centers. In a professional data center, it’s imperative that you keep cables neatly organized, route them efficiently, and protect them.

Due to the large quantity of cables in a data center, organizing them is not a simple task. Installers and integrators are looking for any edge that will simplify this process or to make it more user-friendly for future revisions. An example of a time saving fastening and organization solution can be found with hook and loop cable ties. Here are our suggestions for using hook and loop cable ties in your data center organization. Continue reading

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