Clever Classroom Organization and Creativity Ideas

Have you considered using hook and loop products in your classroom?  From organization to creating special projects, hook and loop products for teachers have a variety of handy applications and uses.   Most school budgets are very limited, so it is important to find inexpensive, yet effective, ways to make your classroom more functional, fun and efficient.  The versatility and affordability of hook and loop products makes them perfect options for teachers.

Hook and loop products for teachers help keep even the most hectic classrooms organized.  As you browse through options, you will likely come up with your own creative uses.  We will outline some popular applications in this article.

Hook and loop cinch straps are ideal for classroom organization. Secured with a cinching ring, these straps are perfect for bundling and/or fastening items.  For example, teachers can use cinch straps to bundle power cords around audio and video equipment in the classroom.

There are many different types of hook and loop tape, rolls & reels that work well for classrooms. The sticky-back variety can be adhered to almost any surface for mounting anything from students’ artwork to project boards.  They are easy to apply and, because they come in different widths, they work in both large scale and small-scale applications.  There is also back-to-back style hook and loop rolls, that wrap objects and then back onto themselves for a secure hold. A few rolls of this product will cover most of your cord and cable management needs.

The versatility of hook and loop straps allows you (and your students) to explore your creativity!  Interactive collages are still popular in classrooms.  Hook and loop products allow students the ability to attach various objects to the collage so they can express their personality and individuality.

Younger students tend to benefit greatly from lesson boards.  Adhesive backed hook and loop products are perfect for these applications because they allow you to adhere various objects and images to the board, making the “lesson” plans much more interesting than plain written text.  For older students, you can develop creative “review” boards to help them learn, understand and retain important information.  This is especially helpful before a big exam!!

Not every classroom or child has an iPad or computer, so creating math boards or developing math games can help promote a more enthusiastic, interactive environment.  This is especially popular with multiplication tables.

Social studies and geography teachers find hook and loop products very beneficial when using maps.  Create a map of the entire United States and adhere each state with sticky backed, hook and loop tape for easy placement and removal.  The same can be done for maps of the local area, specific region or of the entire world.  You can come up with fun and creative quizzes and games to complement the maps.

Students with special needs also benefit because teachers can create different shapes they can feel and touch. Some teachers use hook and loop products to develop specialized, adaptable books and other customized learning aids.

Hook and loop products also provide an inexpensive way to achieve a three-dimensional effect.  Adhering parts and pieces to a work of art, display board or scrapbook projects a 3D effect.

So, as you organize and make your classroom more efficient, don’t forget to bring a variety of hook and loop products. Speedtech International, Inc., offers a variety of hook and loop fasteners for classrooms, sold under the brand name SPEEDWRAP®.  The company also distributes VELCRO® Brand Ties, Tape and Straps.  If you are unsure as to which specific products to consider, Speedtech has representatives available to answer your questions.  They may be contacted at 800-771-386 or by emailing Enjoy and good luck!

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Hook and Loop Products: Helping Doctors, Nurses, and Hospitals Succeed

An organized work environment helps save valuable time and effort and improves safety. We all know how making our homes, offices, and work settings organized makes us more efficient. Now, consider the work environment of a hospital. Consider how the organization of a patient’s room, ER or operating space could truly be a life saver.  Bottom line, making hospital environments more organized is not only useful, but absolutely critical.

Organizing Your Patient’s EnvironmentgI_146400_SPEEDWRAP_MEDICAL

How organized is the patient’s room? Is the nurse’s station prepared? Are tasks clearly identified for future shift changes? Aside from working efficiently, safety concerns can be eliminated through the use of proper organization. If a hospital room is easy to maneuver around, especially when taking medical equipment in and out, tripping hazards are addressed, and a hospital operates smoother. In emergency situations, medical staff need to move quickly and without potential accidents.

Utilizing SPEEDWRAP® and VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop Products help the hospital environment.

Registered Nurse, Maggie Polidan, says hook and loop products are very useful inside the hospital she works in. Maggie currently uses hook and loop products for everything from strapping call light buttons onto bed rails to securing IVs and hoses, to bundling and routing medical equipment power cords.

As a nurse, Maggie recognizes bundling cords onto mobile medical monitors that are moved from room to room as one of the most helpful uses. Maggie and other nurses often are carrying or wheeling medical equipment in and out of rooms. Constantly moving the monitors and other expensive medical equipment can pose a hazard with trailing cords, cables and hoses. Some nurses have found that bundling the excess cords using hook and loop ties and straps offers the perfect solution to this problem.

Stationary medical equipment can also be complicated to work with, and disorganized and dangerous to walk around.  Whether it is intravenous lines, power cords or other tubes, hook and loop products are the perfect fastener for organization. Because they are soft, flexible and reusable, hook and loop products are ideally suited for most medical equipment.  Practitioners use hook and loop products to route and bundle power cords so they are not in the way or a tripping hazard.  They use hook and loop products for securing tubes, monitor cords, call pagers and IVs around patients’ beds for easy access. There are also great hook and loop product solutions for elevating cables, tubes and cords off the floor, reducing the chance that they may be interfered with during room cleaning, moving patients, and assuring they are clearly out of reach to young visitors.

By securing medical equipment with hook and loop products, we help eliminate safety hazards and prevent medical tools from becoming entangled, damaged, tripped over or unplugged. Maggie says that besides the hook and loop products used inside a patient’s room, nurses can use them for holding power strips to walls or polls, where nurses may have limited access to wall plug ins.

Utilizing hook and loop products like ties, straps and cut-to-length tape in hospitals make the patient environment safer and more organized and efficient. There are many uses for hook and loop products in the medical industry, and cord and cable management is just one category of hook and loop products. When it comes to cord and cable management solutions using hook and loop products, Speedtech International is a leader in the marketplace.  Offering both SPEEDWRAP® and VELCRO® brand hook and loop fasteners as well other specialty fasteners, Speedtech helps keep you under control. Speedtech may be contacted at 800-771-3896, by visiting them online at or emailing

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There Is Only One™ VELCRO® Brand

For over 15 years, Speedtech has been a leading source for cord and cable management solutions using hook and loop and specialty fasteners.  During this time, Speedtech has sought to rise above the flood of generic imported hook and loop, by offering our customers the highest quality fasteners, Worldwide. This blog is intended to help customers of hook and loop to better understand The VELCRO® Brand.
According to Velcro USA Inc., “We live in a world of imitators.”  When it comes to hook and loop fasteners, Velcro USA is referring to other manufacturers of hook and loop including some who incorrectly sell their product under the VELCRO® brand.  As a trusted distributor of VELCRO® Brand products, Speedtech International Inc., believes it’s important for our customers to understand the value that comes with the VELCRO® Brand name.

Hook & loop material was invented in 1941 by Swiss engineer, George de Mestral. He named his invention “Velcro,” a combination of the two French words velour and crochet. The term Velcro is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries in every country. Generic terminology for these fasteners includes “hook and loop,” “burr” and “touch” fasteners. In 1993, Velcro USA invented and patented a back-to-back, hook and loop material, constructed without the use of adhesives called ONE-WRAP®.  This industrial grade material is superior to other competitors because it does not de-laminate over time or in extreme environmental conditions. For this reason and for customers seeking industrial quality and consistency for their applications, Speedtech International utilizes ONE-WRAP® back-to-back, hook & loop material.

In 1994, Speedtech International began converting and fabricating finished products from this new ONE-WRAP® raw material.  As an innovator of fastening solutions, Speedtech International became one of the pioneers in the field of Hook & Loop Cord and Cable Management.

Today, more than 70 years after the invention of hook and loop, there are thousands of products made from this fastening material. These hook and loop products provide solutions for the automotive, aerospace, data communications, electrical, marine, medical, recreation and other industries.  As the leader in hook and loop fastening systems, Velcro Industries has grown to be a key supplier to each of these industries, worldwide.

When customers purchase a genuine VELCRO® Brand product, they can be assured the item was manufactured to the highest quality standards using leading-edge manufacturing techniques. This is especially important for Speedtech International’s OEM customers, where a product’s consistency and reliability cannot waiver.

Steve Pope, Speedtech International Vice President, adds, “There are good reasons why we offer customers VELCRO® Brand products and it’s the same reason why many of our SPEEDWRAP® items are made from VELCRO® Brand material.  When you purchase a VELCRO® Brand fastener, you know you are going to get a quality, consistently produced and reliable fastening solution.” Speedtech prides itself on its knowledge of VELCRO® Brand products relating to Cord and Cable Management.

Speedtech International Inc., is an innovative supplier of hook and loop, specializing in cord and cable management products. We offer a variety of VELCRO® brand products. We sell hook and loop fasteners with a primary focus on straps, ties and cut-to-length solutions. For more information on VELCRO® Brand fasteners contact Speedtech International today by calling 800-771-3896 or by visiting our website at

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Organization Tips for Teachers


If you’re a school teacher, then you understand the importance of keeping a well-organized classroom. Without organization, assignments tend to go missing, papers end up in one big pile and students bring along their own messes. The Vel-Perts™ are always looking for new and creative ways to stay organized. And with the school year right around the corner, we thought we would share some fun new ways to help keep your busy classroom in order.

Our Back to School Must-Haves

Accordion Folders – Accordion folders that feature 10 to 14 slots can be used to organize just about any type of paperwork. Use them to keep track of assignments, quizzes, activities, tests, and keep all of your classroom lecture notes in one place. This way, you always know where to find what you’re looking for.

In and Out Bins – In a hectic classroom, it can be easy for graded and new assignments to get mixed up on your desk. Rather than simply separating papers into two piles, create a set of in and out bins using stackable plastic baskets. Make sure one is labeled “In,” for students turning in assignments, the other you will use for placing papers that have been graded.

Create Your Own Post Office – For this project you will need to either purchase some cube shelving or create it yourself. If you choose to make this a DIY project, you can quickly construct cube shelving by using shoe boxes and cardboard dividers. The boxes can then be secured to a wall near your desk with a cube for each student. Use these mailboxes for individual notes to your students and any papers that need to be sent home with them. To hang the boxes on the wall, use sticky-back hook and loop tape. Simply cut the tape to length, place one section on the box and the matting section on the wall.  

Create line markers on the floor – If you have a classroom full of younger students, you know how often you have them line up for activities.  Leaving for the lunchroom, recess, on the way to Art or Gym class, it’s always, “Line up kids!”  Reduce the chaos with markers on the floor that kids can line up on or next to.  We’ve found that SPEEDWRAP® adhesive backed tape is ideal for floor marking. This sticky back, hook and loop tape comes in several colors and once the liner is removed, can be stuck to the floor.  Use one color for boys and the other for girls.  Or take this idea even further, and stick the kids names on the tape so they have their assigned order.  Now, you’re ready for stress-free transitions in and out of the classroom.

Organizing Coats During The Winter – During colder months, students usually hang their coats in the first spot available. This is a bit unorganized and can slow things down when it comes time to go outside or home for the day. Place labels above your coat hangers to organize the coats in alphabetical order. Your students will now be able to hang their coats in the same place each day, which helps you get them out the door faster and with less fuss.

Reusable Labels – We suggest hook and loop dots for labels around the room, above doors or your newly organized coat hangers. One dot sticks to the wall, and the other on a plastic or laminated label. Create one label for every student or activity, and decorate with dry-erase markers. This makes swapping labels or names around easier, and less hassle when the time comes to welcome a whole new bunch of students or daily activities.

Organization with SPEEDWRAP® & VELCRO® Brand Fasteners

Speedtech International has a large selection of both SPEEDWRAP® and VELCRO® brand hook & loop products for classroom and educational applications.  Speedtech can be reached at (800-771-3896) or by visiting

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Five Fast Fixes At Home Using Hook and Loop Tape

When people think of hook and loop tape, they typically think of its industrial purposes. Sure, SPEEDWRAP® and VELCRO® brand hook and loop tapes are ideal for commercial applications like bundling large cables, but there are also lots of applications in and around your home for this versatile product. Here are several great ways that you can use hook and loop tape in your every day life.

Everyday Home Uses For Hook and Loop Tape Woman screaming about the mess in the room.
1. Raise Cables Off the Floor
Kids and dogs are always tripping on the lamp cords strewn around the house. To keep cords up off the ground, just out of reach from those little curious hands or random feet, quickly attach the chords close to the lamp or table legs. This solution takes less than a minute and because hook and loop tape is soft- the tape won’t damage your furniture. More importantly, you’ll never have to worry about someone stepping on or over those pesky cords again.

2. Keep Items from Getting Lost
If you are always losing your remote, your keys or your phone there may be an easy answer to solve your problems. Use a piece of sticky backed hook and loop tape to secure those items to the wall, the side of the TV or the side of your bedside table. Fasten commonly used items nearby and you will always know where to find what you’re looking for.

3. Hang Christmas Lights
Christmas lights can be a pain to put up and take down. This year, try attaching them with hook and loop tape. Lay some cut-to-length straps near the rafters, mantel, or around your staircase then begin to hang your lights and garland.  You’ll spend half the time with a hammer and nails this holiday season and more time eating cookies with family!

4. Decorate Difficult Walls
Do you have lightweight signs, décor or artwork that you want to hang inside but worry about leaving huge holes in the wall? Do you have items to hang outside, but can’t nail into brick or cement? Use sticky backed hook and loop tape to attach items without creating unsightly holes.  Simply cut the hook and loop tape to the correct size and place the sticky backed hook section on the wall and the adhesive backed, loop section, on your artwork.  If you purchase quality adhesive backed tape, your walls will remain damage free.

5. Keep Rugs From Sliding
If your area rugs always slide across the floor and bunch up, use adhesive backed hook and loop tape to fix the problem. Simply use a small piece or two of tape on your rug and then the matting section on the floor.

Now you know hook and loop tape has more than industrial uses and is a great, versatile product, for use at home. So, next time you’re wishing your life could be a little simpler, use hook and loop tape for a quick fix!

Want to learn more about innovative organizational solutions using hook and loop tape for home or the workplace? To learn about SPEEDWRAP® and VELCRO® brand hook and loop tapes, contact the VEL-PERTS™ at Speedtech International Inc. today at 800-771-3896 or email,

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Cable Management: Hook and Loop Solutions

Quality Cable Management SolutionsWhile a mess of cables at home can be annoying, a mess of cables in an office or at work can quickly become a nightmare. Not only are out of control cables unsightly, but they also make work less efficient and they can be a safety hazard. Thankfully, there are several great cable management products you can use to corral your cables and keep them under control.

Hook and Loop Cable Ties

Hook and loop cable ties are a popular and effective cable management products that business owners use to bundle cables together neatly. They are inexpensive, easy to use and replace, and fully customizable to any size of cable bundle, whether large or small. Hook and loop cable ties feature a length of hook on one side and length of loop on the other side. The tie wraps around cables and then the leftover material lays back onto itself for a secure hold.

Because hook and loop ties are flexible, soft and reusable – they are ideal for home and office environments. For example, the alternative solution might be the use of a plastic zip tie. However, if you wish to add or remove cables to a wire bundle most of zip ties must be cut off. Cutting ties off cables is both time consuming and potentially hazardous.

Hook and loop ties come in many different shapes, colors and sizes and are made from different raw materials. Most hook and loop ties are made by ‘marrying’ the hook to the back of the loop using adhesives. While you would never be able to tell this on a store shelf, post-installation, ties made with this type of raw material tend to ‘delaminate’ over time. This is where the hook starts to separate from the loop section.

Industrial users and more quality conscious retailers prefer to buy or sell hook and loop ties that are made from a different process. Specifically, VELCRO® brand ties and SPEEDWRAP® brand cable ties are made from Velcro® brand ONE-WRAP® material. This material is some of the finest on the market and yields a superior cable tie.

Identification of wires and cables is an important part of cable management. Because hook and loop ties come in various colors, they can help you identify cables and cords.

Hook and Loop Tape

Growing in popularity are hook and loop tapes. Like hook and loop ties, the tapes are made out of hook and loop fabric with hook on one side and “fuzzy” loop on the other. Because the product comes on a continuous roll or larger reel, users can cut the tape down to fit almost any size of cable bundles. Installers simply wrap the cut length around the wire bundle for a secure hold.

Hook and loop tapes come in various widths and are sold on reels as short as 5 yards or as long as 25 yards. Additionally, there are different tape thicknesses that affect their pricing and performance. For example, on the lighter or thinner side, VELCRO® brand Bundle Tape is great for plants and vegetation, whereas, industrial grade SPEEDWRAP® brand hook and loop tape is better suited for cable management applications.

Hook and Loop Cinch Straps

Another great cable management option are hook and loop cinch straps. This cable management solution is made out of both hook and loop materials and include a plastic or metal ring sewn or welded onto one end. Installers simply need to tighten the strap, bring it through the ring and fasten it back to itself.

Why would you use a hook and loop cable tie versus a cinch strap for cable management? Because of their plastic or metal ring, cinch straps are better for ‘cinching down’ on a bundle of wires and cables. For example, if you need the bundle to be especially tight then a cinch strap is a superior cable management product.

Due to their lower price, range of colors and ease of use, hook and loop ties are probably a better option for your home or office cable management needs. However, if you need to cinch down on your wire bundle, then hook and loop cinch straps are the superior cable management product.

Cable Hangers

If you need to position a cable on a flat surface, and using a one-piece solution, then hook and loop cable hangers may be the cable management product you are looking for. Cable hangers have a sticky side that attaches to the wall and hook and loop tie section that grasps the cable and keeps it in place.

Tie Mounts

If you need to mount a larger bundle of wires or cables or heavier wires, to a flat surface, then plastic tie mounts are the best candidates. Made from plastic, these low-profile fasteners can be mounted using adhesive or screwed to almost any surface. You can then use almost any section of hook and loop tie or tape in conjunction with the mount, to hold the wires and cables to that surface. The largest selection of tie mounts designed specifically for hook and loop ties and tapes are SPEEDWRAP® brand Tie Mounts.

Suspender Straps

For cables that need to be suspended above the ground, the new line of SPEEDWRAP® Suspender Straps are a great cable management solution. These straps are made from industrial grade hook and loop tape and employ a carabiner clip that allow you to attach one or several cables to almost any object. For example, electricians or tradesmen working on a site, can wrap the strap section around a ceiling rafter and then insert the power cables leading to and from their equipment, into the suspender’s clip. This keeps those cords above the ground, protecting flooring, cleaning up a site and improving worker safety. If you need cable management solutions to help make your work environment safer, the SPEEDWRAP® Suspender Strap or Rip-Tie Cable Carrier may be perfect for you.

If you are looking for cable management solutions, those made using hook and loop might be perfect for your application. First determine whether you need a permanently applied fastener or if you may need to access those cables later? Do you want a cable management product that helps with identification? Should the product be gentle on the wires and will you be using the product indoors or outside? If these answers lead you to a hook and loop cable management product, choose an industrial grade one like those represented in the SPEEDWRAP® and VELCRO® offering.

For advice on how hook and loop can help with your cable management project, contact the VEL-PERTS™ at Speedtech today at 800-771-3896 or

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Five Great Uses for Industrial Velcro

Quality Industrial Velcro Solutions in Racine, WIVelcro® brand products aren’t just fun; they are also extremely practical and useful. The term ‘velcro’ is commonly used to refer to all products made using hook and loop materials, however, used properly, ‘velcro’ is actually a brand name. However, for the purpose of responding to consumers asking about “industrial velcro’ here we use the term ‘velcro’ generically as opposed to, directly related to the line of VELCRO® brand fasteners.

Here are five great uses for industrial velcro.

1. Mount Electronics Using sticky-back, industrial velcro you can keep electronics out of the way or right where you need them with industrial velcro. For example, you can attach an external hard drive to the inside of a desk or to the back side of a flat screen television or to the wall. You can also secure electronic devices to a surface preventing them from tipping over or being knocked off. 2. Display Large Items Also using adhesive backed industrial velcro, you can display large items without putting holes in the walls. Industrial velcro is great for mounting sports equipment to a wall in a store or to mount a bulletin board or tack board in an office. Industrial velcro can hold large pieces of artwork or decorative pieces to a wall as well. 3. Secure Items in Boat or Vehicles Industrial velcro cable ties, straps and fasteners are ideal for securing objects, mooring lines or wires within a car or yacht. Made from back-to-back style, industrial velcro material, these ties are flexible, easy to use and reusable. Manufacturers use these ties and straps to bundle wires or mount them and drivers or enthusiasts can use the fasteners to organize and securing objects during trips. 4. Fasten Safety Gear Industrial Velcro can also be used to keep people safe. This heavy duty class of materials are strong enough to hold objects and wires where they need to be, keeping workers safer. Industrial velcro is also fabricated into strapping solutions for use in emergency vehicles, to hold patients on gurneys. You can also see the products used to hold tubes in place in hospitals. 5. Bundle Cables As offices add more and more electronics, the cables can easily become out of control. Industrial Velcro is strong enough to contain even large bundles of cables so they do not pull on the equipment or get in the way and present a safety hazard. Industrial velcro materials are used to manufacturer industrial grade ties and straps for routing and bundling wires and cables. For example, air hoses, water lines and cables are often routed using industrial velcro, helping keeping factory workers safer.

Learn More About Industrial Velcro

From home to the factory, from electronics to medical gear, industrial velcro has made its way into and onto several products that our society uses all the time. It is truly a useful and practical invention. Once you have determined that you need a ‘velcro-like’ fastener, its time to educate yourself on what the proper terms are, product designs and places where you can purchase the fasteners. We have used the term ‘industrial velcro’ generically, but there are many variations on what consumers call ‘velcro’ and there is only one ‘VELCRO® Brand’. For help navigating these products and terms, contact the VEL-PERTS™ at Speedtech International Inc at (866) 427-1456 or . VELCRO®is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.

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