A NEW Solution For Securing Cam Arm Locks In Place on Tanker Trucks

Before and after tanker truck deliveries, it’s customary for drivers to lock the cam arms into place so they do not accidentally open during transport. Popular solutions for that application have always been bungee cords or hook and loop cinch straps. Hook and loop cinch straps are sold in a variety of sizes to fit almost any cam lock application. These straps are often sold in bright colors like the SPEEDWRAP® Heavy Duty Cinch Strap in high visibility green.


A New Cam Lock Solution: Safe, Reusable, Durable and Elastic
New for 2016 – there’s a new cam arm locking solution – Kwik Bandit™ . SPEEDWRAP® Brand Kwik Bandit™ Rubber Straps combine the best features of traditional cable ties, with those of elastic straps like bungee cords.  With Kwik Bandits™ you can simply stretch, wrap & lock the strap around the cam lock arms for a secure hold.  This patent-pending fastening solution is available in three sizes and tensile strengths. The larger 14” and 24” Kwik Bandits™ are available with locking pins making them ideal for heavy-duty transportation.

Heavy Duty, no tools required:
Kwik Bandits™ are easy to use with work gloves and no tools are required.
They are a worker-friendly banding solution designed to eliminate tools, hooks, and complicated threading. Kwik Bandits™ reduces attachment time that is often required to secure objects of different dimensions. Its release mechanism is safe and quick. Kwik Bandits™ are designed and tested to withstand extreme temperatures and deterioration due to UV rays and salt. Robust construction and materials result in a heavy duty banding solution.

Try A Kwik Bandit™ On Your Cam Arm Locking Application:
Kwik Bandit™ is marketed by Speedtech International, Inc and available for purchase through leading Industrial Distributors like Fastenal or online at TheStrapStore.com and Amazon.com.

To learn more about the product or to inquire about reselling Kwik Bandit™ ties, contact Speedtech today at 262-635-9394 or email sales@speedtechinternational.com

More About Speedtech International, Inc.
Founded in 1994, Speedtech International Inc. pioneered the development of cable and wire management using hook and loop fasteners. Speedtech provides OEM’s, engineers, product managers, purchasing agents and distributors the most complete line of hook and loop and specialty fastening products including ties, straps, tape, and unique patented fasteners. Today the company also offers non-hook and loop products for bundling, banding, and securing wires and cables, or for material handling. Newer products include the Kwik Bandit™ Rubber Banding Straps and the Ty-Up™ Pallet and Cargo Ties. For more information and to view Speedtech’s full product offerings, visit http://www.speedtechinternational.com .

For more information:
Email: pr@speedtechinternational.com
Or Call 262-635-9394

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