What is Hook and Loop?

Many people contact us requesting hook and loop information. While there is a very straightforward answer to the question, – “What is hook and loop?” – most people are also curious about different applications.

Hook and loop: A Material.

First, hook and loop refers to materials manufactured, that when mated together, fasten securely but can also be opened and reclosed multiple times.. One surface consists of small “hooks”; the other contains a number of tiny “loops”. When pressed together, the hook and loops “engage”, thus fastening the two components together. Because hook and the loop materials fasten together, the products made from hook and loop are often called ‘hook and loop fasteners’. Visit this page for the history of hook and loop.


Pulling apart hook from loop tape.

Hook and loop: A Fastener

Popular examples of hook and loop fasteners include cable ties and straps. These products are manufactured by taking hook and loop materials and converting them into a usable shape and the finished fastener is now a hook and loop product. One category of fasteners made from hook and loop includes cable ties, straps and cut-to-length tapes. Consumers use these products for cord and cable management. These products are Speedtech’s specialty. Few Companies have more products, tooling, customization or expertise in this category. Examples of innovative fastening solutions include Standard Cable Ties, Cinch Straps, Suspender Straps, And Cut-to-Length Reels and Rolls.

Hook and Loop in your product: Custom

There are millions of products that include hook and loop as a component of a finished product. Examples include orthopedic braces, diapers, clothing, and other fastening devices. To create these products, manufacturers can work with custom fabricators like Speedtech, for help selecting specific materials designed to meet detailed performance specifications and for conversion and fabrication of these materials into a final shape and design. The finished product is designed to meet the customer’s usage, reusability needs, application and more.

The uses for hook and loop material and applications for hook and loop fastening products are endless but the sources for expertise, custom solutions and industrial grade products are not. Contact the Vel-Perts™ at Speedtech today expert advice for all your hook and loop needs.

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