Avoiding Server Room Spaghetti: Practical Ideas to Keep Your Cables Organized

Does your server room look like a mound of spaghetti? If so, you are not alone. It’s easy to let the seemingly miles of cable accrue throughout the room like a growing vine. Not only do messy cables increase the likelihood of signal loss, disorganized server closets make performing even simple tasks very difficult and challenging. This article examines some innovative approaches to organizing your server room or data closet.

SPEEDWRAP®  cord organizers for server rooms

SPEEDWRAP® cord organizers for server rooms

Before we get started, you will need to stock up on quality cord and cable organizers. The fancy terms for these are ‘cable management products.’ These fasteners are a must for server closet organization! Appropriate bundling of the cables in and around your equipment is always good practice because it allows for easy access to the servers from all angles, improves airflow and allows for easier trouble shooting.

Now, let’s examine a few strategies to create a safe, controlled and well-organized data closet.

Choose Your Racks

Your servers and equipment such as routers, switches, backup power supplies, etc., should be stored on racks for easy organization. There are a variety of different types and sizes of freestanding and wall-mounted racks. Choosing the right combination to fit both your equipment and space is important. Take measurements of the area, making sure to account for ventilation and aisle space. Once you set up your room, be sure to have plenty of cable organizers on hand. Hook and loop cable ties work wonders, especially when used in conjunction with rack systems.

Explore Raising the Floor

Raising your floor has many benefits, especially when it comes to cabling. A 12” raised floor provides enough hidden space to keep your cords out of site. Some believe this is a safer option, as it allows for better grounding and air circulation. You can either install a raised floor yourself, or, there are a number of companies who specialize in this type of installation. Regardless of the route you choose, you will need to have plenty of cable organizers ready when you start placing the equipment. Because of its versatility, SPEEDWRAP® cut-to-length hook and loop tape is ideal for bundling cables underneath raised flooring. Be sure to use hook and loop tape or straps that are qualified safe and acceptable for Air Handling (Plenum) Spaces.

Label Your Cables!

This is important, especially since multiple people may have access to your server room. Keeping a database of your cables is imperative. You may also want to manually label them or color code them as well. Cord and cable organizers, such as the new SPEEDWRAP® Write-On Glow In The Dark Cable Tie are ideal when it comes to helping you label your cables. This new flexible, self-engaging cable tie has a surface that you can write on with a pen, pencil or marker. This allows you to label, bundle and organize a bundle of wires with one fastener. The Write-On Glow In The Dark Cable Tie’s tip glows in the dark, making it easier to locate in low- level lighting.

Mount Your Cables:

Now that you’ve bundled your wires and cables, its time to route them around your servers. Mounting your cables is a key part of maximizing airflow, strain relieving cables and overall organization. Sticking with soft, flexible cable management and hook and loop fasteners, there are a few of these types of fasteners that are the most popular for mounting. Cinch straps with grommets, cable ties on sticky-back mounting bases and plastic tie mounts are the most popular mountable hook and loop cord and cable organizers.

Cable management is always a challenge, but products such as write-on ties, flexible hook and loop cable ties and mountable hook and loop fasteners allow you to organize cords and cables in a server room- easily and safely. Addressing the spaghetti and identifying the wires and cables in a data closet, makes the space safer, improves airflow around servers and makes for improved maintenance. Hook and loop fasteners like SPEEDWRAP® brand ties, tape and mountable fasteners are gentile on wires, reusable and industrial grade. This makes them the ideal fastener for data cables and data closets.

For more information about cord and cable organizers in data centers and server rooms, contact Speedtech International, Inc today at 800-771-3896 or email pr@speedtechinternational.com

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