Clever Classroom Organization and Creativity Ideas

Have you considered using hook and loop products in your classroom?  From organization to creating special projects, hook and loop products for teachers have a variety of handy applications and uses.   Most school budgets are very limited, so it is important to find inexpensive, yet effective, ways to make your classroom more functional, fun and efficient.  The versatility and affordability of hook and loop products makes them perfect options for teachers.

Hook and loop products for teachers help keep even the most hectic classrooms organized.  As you browse through options, you will likely come up with your own creative uses.  We will outline some popular applications in this article.

Hook and loop cinch straps are ideal for classroom organization. Secured with a cinching ring, these straps are perfect for bundling and/or fastening items.  For example, teachers can use cinch straps to bundle power cords around audio and video equipment in the classroom.

There are many different types of hook and loop tape, rolls & reels that work well for classrooms. The sticky-back variety can be adhered to almost any surface for mounting anything from students’ artwork to project boards.  They are easy to apply and, because they come in different widths, they work in both large scale and small-scale applications.  There is also back-to-back style hook and loop rolls, that wrap objects and then back onto themselves for a secure hold. A few rolls of this product will cover most of your cord and cable management needs.

The versatility of hook and loop straps allows you (and your students) to explore your creativity!  Interactive collages are still popular in classrooms.  Hook and loop products allow students the ability to attach various objects to the collage so they can express their personality and individuality.

Younger students tend to benefit greatly from lesson boards.  Adhesive backed hook and loop products are perfect for these applications because they allow you to adhere various objects and images to the board, making the “lesson” plans much more interesting than plain written text.  For older students, you can develop creative “review” boards to help them learn, understand and retain important information.  This is especially helpful before a big exam!!

Not every classroom or child has an iPad or computer, so creating math boards or developing math games can help promote a more enthusiastic, interactive environment.  This is especially popular with multiplication tables.

Social studies and geography teachers find hook and loop products very beneficial when using maps.  Create a map of the entire United States and adhere each state with sticky backed, hook and loop tape for easy placement and removal.  The same can be done for maps of the local area, specific region or of the entire world.  You can come up with fun and creative quizzes and games to complement the maps.

Students with special needs also benefit because teachers can create different shapes they can feel and touch. Some teachers use hook and loop products to develop specialized, adaptable books and other customized learning aids.

Hook and loop products also provide an inexpensive way to achieve a three-dimensional effect.  Adhering parts and pieces to a work of art, display board or scrapbook projects a 3D effect.

So, as you organize and make your classroom more efficient, don’t forget to bring a variety of hook and loop products. Speedtech International, Inc., offers a variety of hook and loop fasteners for classrooms, sold under the brand name SPEEDWRAP®.  The company also distributes VELCRO® Brand Ties, Tape and Straps.  If you are unsure as to which specific products to consider, Speedtech has representatives available to answer your questions.  They may be contacted at 800-771-386 or by emailing Enjoy and good luck!

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