Hook and Loop Products: Helping Doctors, Nurses, and Hospitals Succeed

An organized work environment helps save valuable time and effort and improves safety. We all know how making our homes, offices, and work settings organized makes us more efficient. Now, consider the work environment of a hospital. Consider how the organization of a patient’s room, ER or operating space could truly be a life saver.  Bottom line, making hospital environments more organized is not only useful, but absolutely critical.

Organizing Your Patient’s EnvironmentgI_146400_SPEEDWRAP_MEDICAL

How organized is the patient’s room? Is the nurse’s station prepared? Are tasks clearly identified for future shift changes? Aside from working efficiently, safety concerns can be eliminated through the use of proper organization. If a hospital room is easy to maneuver around, especially when taking medical equipment in and out, tripping hazards are addressed, and a hospital operates smoother. In emergency situations, medical staff need to move quickly and without potential accidents.

Utilizing SPEEDWRAP® and VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop Products help the hospital environment.

Registered Nurse, Maggie Polidan, says hook and loop products are very useful inside the hospital she works in. Maggie currently uses hook and loop products for everything from strapping call light buttons onto bed rails to securing IVs and hoses, to bundling and routing medical equipment power cords.

As a nurse, Maggie recognizes bundling cords onto mobile medical monitors that are moved from room to room as one of the most helpful uses. Maggie and other nurses often are carrying or wheeling medical equipment in and out of rooms. Constantly moving the monitors and other expensive medical equipment can pose a hazard with trailing cords, cables and hoses. Some nurses have found that bundling the excess cords using hook and loop ties and straps offers the perfect solution to this problem.

Stationary medical equipment can also be complicated to work with, and disorganized and dangerous to walk around.  Whether it is intravenous lines, power cords or other tubes, hook and loop products are the perfect fastener for organization. Because they are soft, flexible and reusable, hook and loop products are ideally suited for most medical equipment.  Practitioners use hook and loop products to route and bundle power cords so they are not in the way or a tripping hazard.  They use hook and loop products for securing tubes, monitor cords, call pagers and IVs around patients’ beds for easy access. There are also great hook and loop product solutions for elevating cables, tubes and cords off the floor, reducing the chance that they may be interfered with during room cleaning, moving patients, and assuring they are clearly out of reach to young visitors.

By securing medical equipment with hook and loop products, we help eliminate safety hazards and prevent medical tools from becoming entangled, damaged, tripped over or unplugged. Maggie says that besides the hook and loop products used inside a patient’s room, nurses can use them for holding power strips to walls or polls, where nurses may have limited access to wall plug ins.

Utilizing hook and loop products like ties, straps and cut-to-length tape in hospitals make the patient environment safer and more organized and efficient. There are many uses for hook and loop products in the medical industry, and cord and cable management is just one category of hook and loop products. When it comes to cord and cable management solutions using hook and loop products, Speedtech International is a leader in the marketplace.  Offering both SPEEDWRAP® and VELCRO® brand hook and loop fasteners as well other specialty fasteners, Speedtech helps keep you under control. Speedtech may be contacted at 800-771-3896, by visiting them online at http://www.speedtechinternational.com or emailing pr@speedtechinternational.com

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