There Is Only One™ VELCRO® Brand

For over 15 years, Speedtech has been a leading source for cord and cable management solutions using hook and loop and specialty fasteners.  During this time, Speedtech has sought to rise above the flood of generic imported hook and loop, by offering our customers the highest quality fasteners, Worldwide. This blog is intended to help customers of hook and loop to better understand The VELCRO® Brand.
According to Velcro USA Inc., “We live in a world of imitators.”  When it comes to hook and loop fasteners, Velcro USA is referring to other manufacturers of hook and loop including some who incorrectly sell their product under the VELCRO® brand.  As a trusted distributor of VELCRO® Brand products, Speedtech International Inc., believes it’s important for our customers to understand the value that comes with the VELCRO® Brand name.

Hook & loop material was invented in 1941 by Swiss engineer, George de Mestral. He named his invention “Velcro,” a combination of the two French words velour and crochet. The term Velcro is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries in every country. Generic terminology for these fasteners includes “hook and loop,” “burr” and “touch” fasteners. In 1993, Velcro USA invented and patented a back-to-back, hook and loop material, constructed without the use of adhesives called ONE-WRAP®.  This industrial grade material is superior to other competitors because it does not de-laminate over time or in extreme environmental conditions. For this reason and for customers seeking industrial quality and consistency for their applications, Speedtech International utilizes ONE-WRAP® back-to-back, hook & loop material.

In 1994, Speedtech International began converting and fabricating finished products from this new ONE-WRAP® raw material.  As an innovator of fastening solutions, Speedtech International became one of the pioneers in the field of Hook & Loop Cord and Cable Management.

Today, more than 70 years after the invention of hook and loop, there are thousands of products made from this fastening material. These hook and loop products provide solutions for the automotive, aerospace, data communications, electrical, marine, medical, recreation and other industries.  As the leader in hook and loop fastening systems, Velcro Industries has grown to be a key supplier to each of these industries, worldwide.

When customers purchase a genuine VELCRO® Brand product, they can be assured the item was manufactured to the highest quality standards using leading-edge manufacturing techniques. This is especially important for Speedtech International’s OEM customers, where a product’s consistency and reliability cannot waiver.

Steve Pope, Speedtech International Vice President, adds, “There are good reasons why we offer customers VELCRO® Brand products and it’s the same reason why many of our SPEEDWRAP® items are made from VELCRO® Brand material.  When you purchase a VELCRO® Brand fastener, you know you are going to get a quality, consistently produced and reliable fastening solution.” Speedtech prides itself on its knowledge of VELCRO® Brand products relating to Cord and Cable Management.

Speedtech International Inc., is an innovative supplier of hook and loop, specializing in cord and cable management products. We offer a variety of VELCRO® brand products. We sell hook and loop fasteners with a primary focus on straps, ties and cut-to-length solutions. For more information on VELCRO® Brand fasteners contact Speedtech International today by calling 800-771-3896 or by visiting our website at

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