Five Great Uses for Industrial Velcro

Quality Industrial Velcro Solutions in Racine, WIVelcro® brand products aren’t just fun; they are also extremely practical and useful. The term ‘velcro’ is commonly used to refer to all products made using hook and loop materials, however, used properly, ‘velcro’ is actually a brand name. However, for the purpose of responding to consumers asking about “industrial velcro’ here we use the term ‘velcro’ generically as opposed to, directly related to the line of VELCRO® brand fasteners.

Here are five great uses for industrial velcro.

1. Mount Electronics Using sticky-back, industrial velcro you can keep electronics out of the way or right where you need them with industrial velcro. For example, you can attach an external hard drive to the inside of a desk or to the back side of a flat screen television or to the wall. You can also secure electronic devices to a surface preventing them from tipping over or being knocked off. 2. Display Large Items Also using adhesive backed industrial velcro, you can display large items without putting holes in the walls. Industrial velcro is great for mounting sports equipment to a wall in a store or to mount a bulletin board or tack board in an office. Industrial velcro can hold large pieces of artwork or decorative pieces to a wall as well. 3. Secure Items in Boat or Vehicles Industrial velcro cable ties, straps and fasteners are ideal for securing objects, mooring lines or wires within a car or yacht. Made from back-to-back style, industrial velcro material, these ties are flexible, easy to use and reusable. Manufacturers use these ties and straps to bundle wires or mount them and drivers or enthusiasts can use the fasteners to organize and securing objects during trips. 4. Fasten Safety Gear Industrial Velcro can also be used to keep people safe. This heavy duty class of materials are strong enough to hold objects and wires where they need to be, keeping workers safer. Industrial velcro is also fabricated into strapping solutions for use in emergency vehicles, to hold patients on gurneys. You can also see the products used to hold tubes in place in hospitals. 5. Bundle Cables As offices add more and more electronics, the cables can easily become out of control. Industrial Velcro is strong enough to contain even large bundles of cables so they do not pull on the equipment or get in the way and present a safety hazard. Industrial velcro materials are used to manufacturer industrial grade ties and straps for routing and bundling wires and cables. For example, air hoses, water lines and cables are often routed using industrial velcro, helping keeping factory workers safer.

Learn More About Industrial Velcro

From home to the factory, from electronics to medical gear, industrial velcro has made its way into and onto several products that our society uses all the time. It is truly a useful and practical invention. Once you have determined that you need a ‘velcro-like’ fastener, its time to educate yourself on what the proper terms are, product designs and places where you can purchase the fasteners. We have used the term ‘industrial velcro’ generically, but there are many variations on what consumers call ‘velcro’ and there is only one ‘VELCRO® Brand’. For help navigating these products and terms, contact the VEL-PERTS™ at Speedtech International Inc at (866) 427-1456 or . VELCRO®is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.

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