Getting Your Camera Bag Organized the Hook and Loop Way

camera bagAs a photographer, you know better than anyone else that, without the proper organization, your camera bag can quickly become an epicenter for disorganized clutter. When you see the perfect shot, the last thing you want to worry about is finding the right tool, cord, or even camera. Not to worry, though. Some basic, preemptive action can prevent missed photo opportunities and the frustration that accompanies a disorganized camera bag. Whether you are working as a professional or novice photographer, you can benefit from these camera bag organization hacks.

Camera Bag Organization Hacks:

Selecting the Right Camera Bag

The right camera bag is almost as important as a high-quality camera. Why? This bag is responsible for safely transporting your camera and all the things that accompany it. A camera bag that is either too big or too small has all the right ingredients for a disorganization disaster. Selecting the right camera bag is the first step in staying orderly and tidy. A pocket-heavy tote does not always equate to a good camera bag. Instead, consider what room you actually need, asking yourself the following questions: How many cameras will I carry? How much room do my lenses require? Will I also transport editing materials like a laptop? Only after answering these questions can you select the right camera bag.

Cord Consolidation

Camera bags almost always get stuffed with a handful of cords necessary for your editing, lighting, and shooting needs. Before you have a tangled gob of cords on your hands, determine how many you will be regularly carrying and neatly wrap them up with something like a basic hook and loop cable tie. Because they are gentle on wires, easy-to-use, and reusable, hook and loop cable ties and straps are excellent for smaller charging or connectivity cords. For larger cables — think lighting — something like a standard, hook and loop cinch strap will work wonders. These cinch straps are large enough for bigger cords, but still have a tight hold that is ideal for bundled cords.

Secure Your Tripod

If you never leave the house without a mini tripod, this next hack is for you. Even the smallest of tripods have a tendency to slide around the inside of camera bags. Something like a SPEEDWRAP® Brand tie mount will work well in most, non-cloth camera bags. Simply use the adhesive back to attach this device to an interior side of your bag. From here, the adjustable hook and loop clasp can house your mini tripod when it is not in use.

Learn More Now

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