Keeping Your Vehicle Organized With Car Fasteners

car fastenerYou probably have a list of weekly chores you complete to keep your home in good shape — but have you considered devoting some time to organizing your car?

Whether you use your vehicle daily to commute to work or drive occasionally for long-distance trips, using Velcro® or SPEEDWRAP®  Brand hook and loop products as automotive fasteners will help you keep your car organized. Speedtech International shares some tips for incorporating automotive fasteners in your vehicle.

Using Automotive Fasteners to Keep Your Car Organized:

Floor Mats

Your floor mats protect the interior of your car from dirt and grime, but when they slip around they can’t do their job. Using automotive fasteners like this car fastener will help your floor mats stay in place, even when feet or cargo threaten to shift them around.

Mounting Devices & Other Items

The dashboard, visor, glove box, console, and even the passenger seat can all serve as catch-alls for items we need during drives. Easily locating our mounting items like smartphones, GPS units, and parking or toll passes can make your car less cluttered and safer. Clear these cluttered areas and make your drive easier by using automotive fasteners made of hook and loop.

For example, you can use our SPEEDWRAP® Brand Sticky-back Tape to stick your phone or GPS to your dashboard, or you can use automotive fasteners to mount your toll pass for quick access. Doing so will not only make your car more organized, but it might save you from an accident caused by distracted driving. With automotive fasteners made of hook and loop, you’ll no longer be holding your GPS as you drive or shuffling through your glove box for your toll pass.

Cord Control

Speaking of smart phones and GPS units, electronic devices  like these can often lead to cord clutter — conquer it with automotive fasteners! If you have a power inverter in your car, you might use it to charge your smartphone or GPS. Leaving the cords dangling and loose is risky, as you or a passenger might step on the cable and damage it.  Worse yet, you don’t want loose cords hanging near your feet.

Try using SPEEDWRAP® standard straps or SPEEDWRAP® cinch straps as automotive fasteners to keep your charging cords bundled and contained.

Organizing Your Trunk

Your trunk should have room for storing items you grab during errands and housing the essentials you need in case of emergencies, like your jumper cables, tire jack, and a winter emergency kit. You can use our hook and loop automotive fasteners to help organize these necessities so they don’t overtake the space. For example, SPEEDWRAP® standard straps and SPEEDWRAP® cinch straps are great for preventing tangled jumper cables.  Additionally, SPEEDWRAP® adhesive-backed hook and loop tape can be stuck to the bottom of storage bins or your emergency kit to prevent them from sliding around.  The tape’s hooks mate to most cars trunk liner.

Learn How You Can Use SPEEDWRAP® Hook and Loop Products as Automotive Fasteners Today

To learn more about our extensive inventory of SPEEDWRAP® hook and loop products, contact Speedtech International at (866) 427-1456, or

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