Increase Efficiency and Productivity With a Hook and Loop Cable Carrier

Whether you are a contractor, landscaper, or a Plant Manager, a hook and loop cable carrier or Suspender Strap can help with on-site job efficiency and productivity. The way it works is simple: The industrial-strength carabiner and integrated hook and loop fastener enables you to have hands-free access to your hoses, cables, and wires. Speedtech International has information about the applications for hook and loop cable carriers, so look no further than our blog.

Applications of Cable Carrier Technology:

Cable Carrier Application #1 – Hoses, factory, & warehouse safety

Plant and warehouse layout is crucial to worker safety. Hoses should not be left dangling or loose around the floor where these important entities can be tripping hazards. As just one example, many work environments include air hoses. Sometimes theses hoses provide life to semi-portable machinery. Because of this, the hoses need to move yet be safely routed and stored.  A product like the new Suspender Strap® can route, alleviate, bundle, and secure hoses during and after use. Simply attach the carabiner to a rafter and route the air hose through the attached hook and loop strap section. This product is reusable, movable, and can play an integral role in plant and warehouse safety protocol.

Cable Carrier Application #2 – Storing and Transportation

Just as the name suggests, the hoop and loop cable carrier is ideal for transporting wire bundles. Wires can get tangled, ultimately becoming work hazards, when they are schlepped around work sites. However, a hands-free cable carrier is your one-stop solution. Whether you are a cable installer, electrician, or are just working on an at-home project, you will not have to worry that your cables will become mangled each time you change locations.  A product like the SPEEDWRAP® Suspender Strap™ enables you to wrap bundled cables and then clip the harness to, for example, the shelving in your van.

cable carrierCable Carrier Application #3 – Keep your hands free

If you are working on installing wires in a hard-to-reach location, you know how important it is that you have as much mobility and security as possible. When you are standing on a ladder with installation tools in hand, don’t try to hold a handful of wires while climbing the ladder or navigating the scaffolding. Instead, secure wires in the SPEEDWRAP® Suspender Strap™, which allows you to free your hands when navigating the job site.

Purchase Your Hook and Loop Cable Carrier Today

Once you have experienced the convenience of a hook and loop cable carrier, you’ll never want to do another at-home or professional installation without this handy tool.  For details about our hook and loop cable carrier, also known as the SPEEDWRAP® SUSPENDER STRAP™, contact Speedtech International at (866) 427-1456 or visit

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