Home Organization: Tips for Removing and Storing Holiday Decorations

After the holiday festivities come to a close, it is time to put away the decorations and ring in the New Year the right way: with good home organization. At Speedtech International, we know what it takes to get your holiday decorations organized and stored safely. With no more mangled lights, garland, or tangled extension cords, you will be ready to start off the New Year spic and span and make next year’s decorating a breeze.

How to Organize Your Home’s Holiday Decorations:

home organizationLights

Nothing quite says Christmas like holiday lights strung from the doorway or hung on the Christmas tree. However, after the holidays, these lights become less festive and more stale. With Speedwrap® Brand Standard Cable Ties, bundling and getting a hold on smaller strands of lights will be easier than ever. These SPEEDWRAP® Ties are made of industrial-strength, hook and loop material, making it easy to wrap around your lights and back onto themselves for a fast and secure light bundle.  These ties are soft and flexible, so they won’t damage your holiday lighting. Want to get even more organized? Buy the ties in different colors and use a specific color for specific lighting – green for your outdoor lights, red for your tree lights, etc. Thinking and planning ahead will make next year’s decorating faster.


Garland dresses up home doorways during the holidays, but you will want to get it removed and safely organized after the holidays have passed. The solution? Once the garland has been taken down, wrap or bundle it, securing it with Speedwrap® Hook and Loop Cinch Straps. This simple-to-use, hoop and loop fastener  is adjustable, reusable, and is ideal for bundling bulky items like garland.

Extension Cords

Almost no rooftop light or wreath installation goes unaccompanied from extension cords. Left unattended to, extension cords can become tangled and potentially damaged.  Using a SPEEDWRAP® Hook and Loop – Heavy Duty Cinch Strap enables you to wrap and secure all your extension cords, including the heavier ones you use for your outdoor lighting. Speedtech International makes it simple to get your home organized and ready for the next holiday season by offering the widest selection of hook and loop fasteners.

Learn More Now

Speedtech International makes it easier to transition out of the holidays and to keep your New Year’s resolution for better home organization. SPEEDWRAP® hook and loop products are both reliable and effective, making your job all the easier. Ready to get a wrap on home organization?

For details about our comprehensive selection of home organization solutions, contact Speedtech International by calling (866) 427-1456 or visiting http://www.speedtechinternational.com.

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