Holiday Hook and Loop Kitchen Organization Ideas

kitchen organizationFor many, celebrating the holidays often equates to logging some hours in the kitchen. Whether you’re making baked goods or preparing meals for house guests, kitchen organization is essential. Without it, this area of the home can become an epicenter for filth and misplaced items — something no party host or hostess wants. Fortunately, Speedtech International has some kitchen organization ideas that help keep your home in order during and after the holiday season.

Kitchen Organization For The Holidays:

At Speedtech International, we have a number of kitchen organization ideas. We understand that everything from loose spices to recipe sheets can create a mess in this central space. Because of this, we are happy to share the following kitchen organization ideas.


In the middle of a holiday recipe but can’t find the spice you need? Most of us have been here before. There are few things more frustrating than not being able to find a key ingredient like a misplaced spice when you are in a time crunch. Since spices have the tendency to walk off and disappear, we have a kitchen organization idea designed to eliminate this problem.

It’s simple: All you need is hook and loop sticky-back tape and Pressure Sensitive Coins/ Dots. Your next order of business should be finding wall space, where you can affix your spices. As a rule of thumb, consider a place where you need access to these spices most — think your prep or cooking station. Once you have settled on a location, unravel your hook and loop tape and place your spices in a row. This will enable you to measure how much length you need. With this determined, cut the appropriate-sized strip and attach it to your wall or countertop. Then, secure a Pressure Sensitive Coin to the bottom or side of the spice container — it depends on whether you are placing them on a countertop or wall. Now, all that is left to do is stick your spices to the hook and loop tape.


Tis the season to play hostess at holiday gatherings. Parties are fun, but sometimes the details can complicate things. So, next time you are trying to transport a tray full of appetizers to your guests, take some extra precautions. This next kitchen organization idea will help prevent appetizer holders from clunking around, or worse, breaking!

Just as we used hook and loop sticky-back tape and Pressure Sensitive Coins/ Dots for our last kitchen organization idea, the same items will be utilized for this holiday kitchen organization hack. All you need is a tray with small appetizer holders. Simply place a Pressure Sensitive Coin/ Dot on the bottom of each container and a piece of adhesive-backed, hook and loop tape where you would like the holders to stick. Now, all that is left to do is fill your bowls or plates with savory food. When it comes to kitchen organization ideas, this one is a winner.

Recipe Sheets

This next kitchen organization idea is crucial for anyone who works from loose holiday recipe sheets. With so many online recipes available, it is not unusual to find yourself working from a printed recipe sheet. All you need is a Pressure Sensitive Coin/ Dot and a strip of sticky-back, hook and loop tape. Before you begin cooking or baking, just attach the recipe to the wall in a place where it is out of your workspace and easily accessible.

When it comes to kitchen organization ideas for the holidays, the applications for our hook and loop solutions are plentiful.

These kitchen organization ideas can be holiday game changers; for more details, call (866) 427-1456, email, or visit

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4 Responses to Holiday Hook and Loop Kitchen Organization Ideas

  1. What great ideas! You guys think of everything. These would be very helpful from keeping empty bowls on serving trays from falling and breaking.

  2. David Marcus says:

    We make Christmas candies every year. Having everything organized is a huge help, and saves tons of time during clean up.

  3. These sound like some pretty neat ideas for the holiday season. Good work.

  4. Tammy Kabell says:

    With so many different uses for your products it’s easy to see they are helpful in almost every situation. Ideas like these, during this season, are more than insightful. Thanks.

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