Tips for Boat Winterization: How to organize, bundle, and store your power cables, mooring lines, and water hoses

boat winterization

 As we transition from fall into winter, it is time to tackle the boat winterization process. Done properly, boat winterization can protect your boat all winter long, ensuring it is in mint condition this Spring.

While most of us are aware of the basic mechanical boat winterization steps, some of the smaller organization items get overlooked. And while you may leave boat winterization to your local marina, there are still steps that every boat owner should take before they turn over those keys. Speedtech International has some organizational solutions for your cords, cables, and water lines that will get you through the boat winterization process with ease.

Boat Winterization Pointers:

Boat Winterization Tip #1 – A clever way to store your bilge drain cover.

A crucial component of the boat winterization process is tending to your boat’s bilge maintenance. After you have made certain your interior cabin’s bilge is cleaned and dry, remove the drain cap. To avoid losing this essential piece of boating equipment, make sure to move it to a safe location, somewhere it won’t be misplaced during storage.

We suggest attaching your drain cap to the boat’s steering wheel. However, be certain to attach it tightly. As an extra precaution, use a fastener like SPEEDWRAP® Standard Tape. This hook and loop tape can be cut-to-size, making it easy for you to create the perfect strapping solution for storing your bilge drain. Additionally, this tape can be used for other boat winterization applications.

Boat Winterization Tip #2 – Secure water pump hoses.

One of the most important steps in boat winterization is the removal of your boat’s water pump hoses. Because you have more than one hose, they are susceptible to tangling. And as water pump hoses can be larger in diameter, you’ll need a product that can secure larger hoses without damaging them.

For larger hoses, we suggest using a product like the SPEEDWRAP® Hook and Loop – Heavy Duty Cinch Strap. This product’s industrial strength, hook and loop design is made even stronger by the inclusion of its metal buckle. Once you have wrapped and organized your water pump hoses, be sure to place them somewhere you will be able to easily find and access them at a later date. The SPEEDWRAP® Hook and Loop – Heavy Duty Cinch Strap is offered in a highly visible green color, making those hoses a breeze to locate next spring.

Boat Winterization Tip #3 – Organize ropes, lines, & power and water lines.

All too often mooring lines, electrical power cords, or water supply lines get overlooked during the boat and yacht winterization process. Without the right bundling, organizing, and fastening solutions, these cords, lines, and hoses can get damaged during off-season storage. Furthermore, no boat owner wants to spend hours next spring untangling these cords, cables, and hoses.

As boat winterization experts, we suggest neatly wrapping your ropes, lines, and hoses securely with reusable SPEEDWRAP® Hook and Loop Ties. These industrial-grade ties can be color-coded to help identify whether a line, for example, is part of your pier/dock lines or belongs inside your boat cabin. These ties are also versatile, so you can use them for smaller diameter extension cords or larger diameter water supply lines.

Let Speedtech International Help With Your Boat Winterization.

When it comes to organizing, storing, and securing your power cords, mooring lines, and hoses Speedtech International can help with this boat winterization process. Our unique, patented and industrial-grade fasteners are ideal for boating and recreational use.

For more information about how to use hook and loop fasteners during boat winterization or to order SPEEDWRAP® Hook and Loop Products, contact Speedtech today by visiting or by calling (866) 427-1456.

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2 Responses to Tips for Boat Winterization: How to organize, bundle, and store your power cables, mooring lines, and water hoses

  1. I have a couple friends with boats and I’m sure they have an idea on how to handle this stuff, but these tips may be very useful. I’m not sure if they use ties or not but I’ll be letting them know.

  2. There are a lot of boat cables for those people who aren’t sure about it. These tips can prove very useful for making a difference when the spring or summer arrives.

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