How to Conceal Wires in the Office: Easy-to-do Tips

how to conceal wires

Have you ever been sitting at your workspace, only to find yourself wondering how to conceal wires? Pesky wads of wires are more than an unattractive disturbance. They can be dangerous, too. Trip hazards, power surges, and overloaded plugins can all result in workplace risks. The solution? Learn how to conceal wires the right way. If you aren’t in the know about how to conceal wires, don’t worry — Speedtech International has the insider scoop.

How to Conceal Wires: Simple Pointers

Hook and Loop Cable Ties

When it comes to under-the-desk wire and cable chaos, something as simple as hook and loop cable ties can make a world of difference. While a hook and loop  cable tie won’t conceal your wires, they are the best solution for bundling all those cables together. Hook and loop cable ties can enable you to group together power cords and wires. Once these wires are bundled, you can tuck them neatly away behind your desk or run the cables down along the back of a desk leg.

Hook and loop cable ties come in several varieties including, metal, plastic, and hook and loop.  We find hook and loop ties to be the best for cable management, because they are easy to use, reusable, and come in a variety of colors.  Two popular offerings are VELCRO® & SPEEDWRAP® brand fasteners. The key? Be sure to select industrial-strength hook and loop ties and straps.

Cable Wraps

Hook and loop cable ties are excellent resources for getting bigger, more noticeable cables out of sight, but do you ever wonder how to conceal wires from computer or phone chargers? Not only can these loose cords create a disordered look, they can take a toll on the wires, too. To increase the lifespan of these items, opt for smaller solutions like cable wraps. Just as the name suggests, these tools enable you to wrap smaller cords to keep them contained yet easily accessible.

Cable Sash: How to Conceal Wires From Hanging Office Lamps

Your workspace doesn’t have to be drab and boring. With cable sashes, you can mask unattractive cables that are used in hanging accent lamps. The lightweight fabric that comprises will keep cable clutter at bay, while creating a nice decor accent, too.

Cable Clamps

Crafting what appears to be a cable-free office takes a lot of planning. Your hard work will have been waste if you don’t have the right tools, though. When you are trying to support hanging cables or get ones that border the baseboard under wraps, cable clamps are helpful. These items are often attached to the wall using an adhesive backing or screws. After they have been secured, you can secure wires or cables, using the handy clamp-like feature.

How to Conceal Wires With Office Hiding Spots:

Wire Hub

If you find yourself asking how to conceal wires that don’t extend far enough to be tucked underneath your desk, a wire hub is a great solution. A wire hub is a box-like structure with holes for cords to be stored in a more visually appealing fashion. These boxes are available in an array of styles. For a polished look, use hook and loop cable ties to group together wires inside of the wire hub.

Another helpful solution are plastic ducting and raceway.  These ducks conceal wires and can be mounted to the back of your desk.

Desk Drawers

If your office layout permits you to do so, position your outlets behind your desk drawer(s). Form meets function when you strategically place your wires behind desk drawers. Both traditional drawers and pencil drawers are great options for masking cords. Whether you have a single cord or multiple wires, hook and loop cable ties can help you organize and secure wires in close proximity to the desk drawers.


Uncertain how to conceal wires that plug into the floor? If your office has floor plugins, do not fret. Hook and loop cable ties can be used to group together more than one cord that runs across the length of the floor. To level the floor’s surface and create a more suave look, place a thicker rug over the cords. This new decorative feature is sure to help with cord management and to help maintain a clean working environment.

Learn How to Conceal Wires in the Office Today.

If you are unsure how to conceal wires in the office, these tips should help you get off to a solid start.  For more information about how to conceal wires using our wide selection of Speedwrap® Hook and Loop ties, contact Speedtech International at (866) 427-1456 or visit

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15 Responses to How to Conceal Wires in the Office: Easy-to-do Tips

  1. Jen Fallot says:

    Great ideas for getting those cumbersome cords to stay in a place out of the way.

  2. Your cable ties, hooks, and straps definitely make an IT guys’ job easier. They keep cords neatly out of place, and out of sight.

  3. Marvin Somlo says:

    Concealing wires is such a chore Trying to maneuver a number of cords and cables can be very tricky. You guys have definitely come up with some very interesting methods for helping with this task.

  4. Ashok Kumar says:

    Very clever and full of information. I don’t like dealing with the cables, and these tools seem more than helpful.

  5. Cody Feenan says:

    I’ve always tried to arrange around the wall outlets. Makes organization and hiding wires a lot easier.

  6. Stuart Jones says:

    There are many reasons, to conceal wires. Fire hazards, safety, and it’s just plain not attractive.

  7. Any tool that helps keep my office are clean looking is a tool I want to know about. The cable ties seem like a good way to keep things organized in the office.

  8. Trying to conceal the wires definitely helps your office look more professional and organized. Clients take note of that when visiting, first impressions are the most important.

  9. Chris Mcnabb says:

    Hook and loop cable ties seem like a really simple and effective way to help manage the clutter of wires that come from all our electronics.

  10. Mike Kirk says:

    I really don’t like the look of cables lying around. These tips will prove very handy.

  11. Jim Thomas says:

    Thanks for this article, these tips can be very useful. Your products help save time and space.

  12. The clamps and ties seem very useful. Gonna have to give them a try.

  13. David Marcus says:

    Great information. No one likes to see wires all over an office.

  14. Tammy Kabell says:

    Cable clamps always come in handy around the office. Wires need to be out of the way to help ensure fire safety.

  15. Cable clamps are such nifty tools. They come in handy all the time.

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