Home Theater Cable Management | How to Get a Wrap on Cords

home theater cable management

If you have a home theater, chances are you know how crucial it is to have a grasp on home theater cable management (a fancy term meaning organizing all of your cables). You have likely spent a lot of time and money crafting the perfect home theater. Because of this, home theater cable management is of paramount importance. There are three main benefits to home theater cable management, including: aesthetics, performance, and cord identification.

At Speedtech International, we are continually innovating new hook and loop cord and cable fastener solutions for the home theater environment. Hook and loop fasteners are best suited for the home entertainment, because the ties and straps are gentle on wires, easy to use, reusable, and come in a variety of colors.

Home Theater Cable Management Tips:

Proper Wire Setup

Having a plan is key to successful home theater cable management. So, when you are setting up or reorganizing your home theater, be mindful of how you run your audio and video wires. For the best results, you should strategically run A/V wires along or above your baseboard, beneath or beside your wall-to-wall carpeting, and/or behind your crown molding or furniture. While professional installers often conceal wires behind walls or inside of the ceiling, do-it-yourselfers often expose wires and cables. There is nothing wrong with having cables exposed, but you do want them to be secured and bundled.

Wire/Cable Identification

When making your wire and cable routing plan, colored hook and loop cable ties can be used to help identify all the various home theater wires. For example, bundling your TV HDMI cable with red ties, gathering amplifier cables with blue ties, and grouping speaker wires in yellow ties. Color coding wires and cables also helps with faster troubleshooting and future component replacement.

Writable Surface hook and loop Straps are another great identification product. These straps can be written on. For example, ‘TV’, “SONOS”, “PreAmp,” etc. can all be easily identified. This enables you to keep tabs on what is what — something that becomes very convenient in the event that you need home theater assistance or repair.

Improved Air Flow/Cabinet Circulation

When your wires and cables are entering and exiting your home entertainment cabinet or closet, tight and secure bundling and routing is important. Often, A/V equipment is crammed into tight spaces, leaving high-end components starved for air circulation. By tightly bundling all those cords and cables and then securing them out of the way, you improve airflow throughout the entire cabinet. This improved airflow lesson was taken from the data communications field, where integrators use SPEEDWRAP® hook and loop cable ties to route the cords and cables inside server closets.

Paintable Cables

Another key component of home theater cable management is the selection of paintable cables. Just as the name suggests, these cables can be painted, which enables them to blend in with their environment, creating a seamless look. The last thing you want is a lot of brightly-colored cords taking away from your home theater ambiance. So, when it comes to cables, purchase paintable ones that help create a clean and blended look.

Versatile Fastening Solutions

All of your hard work will have been a waste if loose cords and cables are hanging beneath your wall-mounted television. The television screen or projector is the main attraction in your home theater, so it is of the utmost importance that there aren’t any distractions in this area. For total home theater cable management, versatile fastening solutions are an absolute must.

In addition, split loom tubing or plastic wire molded raceway are helpful products for canceling cables. Hook and loop ties and the bundle of wires can be mounted to any surface using products like SPEEDWRAP® Tie Mounts are another great product for home theater cable management, so be sure to explore your options.

Conquer Home Theater Cable Management Today.

When it comes to your home theater, good cord and cable organization is essential to the attractiveness of your space, prolonged function of your equipment, and less expensive maintenance costs. Fortunately, there are easy-to-use products, such as innovative hook and loop fasteners, that can help you achieve cable management.

Want an easy way to get started? Speedtech offers a complete Audio Video and Cord Identification Kit available for online purchase. In addition, Speedtech International offers the widest selection of SPEEDWRAP® and VELCRO® brand hook & loop products that can assist in the installation and organization of your home theater equipment.

To learn how we can help you with your home theater cable management needs, contact Speedtech International at (866) 427-1456 or visit www.speedtechinternationa.com.

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11 Responses to Home Theater Cable Management | How to Get a Wrap on Cords

  1. The hanging tv monitor and dealing with the hanging cords are the worst. Thanks for sharing these great tips! I feel confident that I can clean my space up and use your ideas.

  2. Tammy Kabell says:

    I’ve tried using colored zip ties before but they are a hassle to undo, obviously. Hook and loop would probably be a better solution.

  3. Skip Knopke says:

    It seems that hook and loop fasteners would make the process of organizing your home theater cables that much easier. Need to look into that.

  4. Brad McGhee says:

    Man, I thought my entertainment stand from Wal-mart was a hassle to deal with when it came to cords. I can’t even imagine the headache with the one pictured in the blog. It looks nice because you don’t see any of the cords, but it’s got to be a pain to set up.

  5. Mike Guthrie says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I would gladly take the above photo over what I have at home, but if I had that kind of money to put in a similar theater system I would make mine more comfortable. That looks kind of stiff. Clean and sharp looking, but I like to lounge when I watch TV.

  6. I did know they made painted cables. Can you buy those anywhere? Or are they a specialty item. Seems like it might be a hassle to paint, but I bet it’s worth it in the end.

  7. This is very helpful! Now I know how to organize all those cables and it won’t look so messy.

  8. Ryan Byars says:

    These seem like a great idea for messy cords and hanging TVs! Hanging TVs are usually the worst !

  9. I like the cord painting idea, but I didn’t know that you needed to have a specific kind of insulator to be able to paint the cable…doesn’t make a lot of sense unless your cable is in a REALLY hot area and has danger of catching fire with the paint on the cord, also. I’ll look into the painting option a bit more, first.

  10. Jean Ginn says:

    I like to drill a couple of holes in strategic places to accomodate my cords inside the TV stand instead of just out around the power strip area. I might need to get a few velcro straps for my cables, thanks for the advice!

  11. I already use these wraps for my cable mess; without the velcro, my cables would be an absolute NIGHTMARE by my tv and home audio equipment! Great topic, though, because there are plenty of people out there thinking ‘how could I clean up the look of my living room?’ to themselves.

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