Garage Organization Tips

Garage Organization Tips

It’s not uncommon for the garage to eventually become a giant catch-all for many of the items you want to keep  – but just not keep inside your home. A garage is typically a large open space, and when you’re standing there with a big box of junk that your spouse just told you to get rid of, the garage looks mighty inviting. Below are some great tips to help you organize the mess that has accumulated in your garage.

Organizing Your Garage

The first step is the most challenging. You need to start with a clean slate and determine where things will go. This means clearing out the garage and determining what items will stay and which ones will be tossed or donated. Simply ask yourself if you really need it and when do see yourself actually using the item? If you’re never going to use it, get rid of it.

Now that we know what’s going to be stored in the garage, let’s start thinking vertically. The more things you can store on shelves the better off you will be. Boxes and items left laying on the floor are not only taking up valuable space, but they can also be a tripping hazard.

Do you have an overhead storage area or could you create one? Items that will rarely be used should be stored here. Christmas trees and holiday decorations are typically good items to start with. Simple ceiling hooks for your bicycles are also great, especially during the winter.

Of course, some items are simply too large to fit on a shelf. Other items need to be access too frequently to justify permanent shelf storage. Larger garden tools are good example of items you want to organize but need easy acces to. However, you don’t want to leave these tools on the floor because they become a tripping hazard. A peg board where you can hang shovels, rakes and weed wackers is a great garage organization solution.

Using Hook and Loop Straps

The items that cannot be hung up should be leaned in a corner out of the way. To prevent them from falling over you can bundle them using a heavy duty cinch strap. This will keep your garage both safe and well organized.  Do you have tons of extension cords?  Bundle up unused extension cords and power cords with these same heavy duty cinch straps.  Placing the bundled cords on that peg board is an ideal storage location.

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