Kitchen Organization Tips

For the modern family, your kitchen is now the primary entertainment spot in your house. It is more important than ever to keep your kitchen tidy and clean.

Organizing the kitchen enhances its look, makes food preparation more efficient and helps prevent accidents. You’re not a professional home designer, and you don’t need to pretend you’re one.

These simple organization tips will get your kitchen under your control and ready for entertaining.

Kitchen Organization Tips

Away with the clutter

Are your kitchen counters covered with blenders, toasters and mixers you rarely use? We all have a little bit of covetousness in us — keeping things we don’t need.

Go back to the basics. Gather everything you don’t use on a regular basis. Store what you gathered in a closed cabinet, throw them away or even donate them to your local Salvation Army or Goodwill.


Small pantry items are one of the most notorious things to ruin order in a kitchen. Win the war against your small pantry items by placing them in jars and basket containers. Keep jars and containers that are frequently used within arms reach and label them for extra organization.

Tame all those kitchen wires & cables

With technology taking center stage in today’s kitchen, you need to take control of all of your appliances’ wires and cords. If they’re not brought to order, loose cords can cause accidents. It’s also nice to look at a clean countertop where excess cables are not peaking out from behind every countertop appliance.

Make use of SPEEDWRAP® and Velcro® straps to bundle cords and tuck cables away for a neat presentation.

Store like items together

Storing like items together will make kitchen activities easier than ever before. Sugar, baking soda and measuring cups can be stored in the same place, since they’re all used for baking. Similarly, preparation items like knives, cutting boards and mixing bowls should be grouped together. Towels, drying racks, gloves and cleaners are great to group together close to the dishwasher and sink.

Sticky-back Velcro® brand tapes & Your iPad

The iPad and other tablets are great tools to use when trying out new recipes. To prevent your ipad or tablet from being spilled on or knocked off the countertop, Velcro® brand hook and loop with adhesive backing will allow you to quickly mount your iPad right to a cabinet door. Now, your recipes are at eye level, on a device that’s mounted above all the mess.

Speedtech International has a large selection of SPEEDWRAP® and VELCRO® brand hook & loop products for all of your DIY and home organization needs. Give us a call today at (866) 427-1456 or visit

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