4 Ways to Use VELCRO® Brand Straps for Office Organization


When it comes to office organization, hook and loop straps and cable ties can truly be an invaluable asset to the overall process. Cluttered papers, pens, clips, wires, cords, and a wide range of office materials can be properly organized when using these hook and loop cable ties and straps.

1. Wrapping wires, cables, and cords

An office wouldn’t be complete without all of the cables and cords used to connect our computers, tablets, monitors, music players and other devices. Hook and loop straps allow you to bundle these messy cords for a better appearance, neatness, and safety. Spare cables and cords can also be bundled together for a more organized storage solution and placed in a drawer with easy retrieval.

There are two main types of hook and loop straps and cable ties – those that wrap onto themselves for a secure hold and others that offer the ability to ‘cinch’ down on wires.  An example of a hook and loop strap for cinching down on cables is the VELCRO® brand VELSTRAP®. A popular hook and loop cable tie that wraps around wires and back onto itself for secure hold, is easy to use and reusable is the SPEEDWRAP® hook and loop cable tie.

2. Securing useful and fragile items

Sometimes in the office, there are items that can easily fall and break. But with hook and loop straps, you can secure these items from falling by simply attaching the appropriate accessory to these objects.

3. Binding objects

This is mostly applicable to big magazines and other paper related items that are not often referenced. By binding the different items you can make sure that everything will be intact. After they are bound together, they can be placed in a cabinet and won’t require any complex rearranging.

4. Categorizing different items using different colors of straps

Color coding can be very helpful when categorizing different items that need to be well-organized. An easy answer is to use different colors of SPEEDWRAP® and VELCRO® Brand straps to organize things in a more creative and functional way. Color coding using hook and loop straps is also helpful to identify wires and cables behind your desk.  For example, use red hook and loop cable ties for your computer wires and a different color tie for your audio equipment.

When setting up your office organization, remember that there are many creative methods that won’t hurt the office budget. Using SPEEDWRAP® and VELCRO® Brand straps is one of the most economical strategies. Speedtech International has a large selection of SPEEDWRAP® products and VELCRO® Brand hook and loop for all of your office organizational needs. Give us a call today at (866) 427-1456 or visit us online at www.speedtechinternational.com

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