Rock Climbing Tips


Rock climbing is a perfect activity that presents an opportunity to get close to nature while exercising your body. Corporate organizations have even been known to use the sport as a platform to motivate their employees and as a teamwork building exercise. Here are some of the top tips for rock climbing.

1. Practice makes perfect: Rock climbing is a strenuous process that requires specific skills.  This is not one of those sports where it’s easy to just wake up one morning and decide to start. There needs to be a period of practice within a controlled environment. Beginners can start off with indoor rock climbing. It can also be useful to join a rock-climbing group where members share their experiences.

2. Route preview: Outdoor rock climbing also requires technical skills. When one is climbing an unfamiliar area, it is necessary to know the route that will be followed. Take note of the balance, reach, moves to be made and the approximate time taken to climb. It is also better to take the route with a guide or someone who is familiar with the area.

In case of emergencies, you should carry a map of the entire area and any other documents that might be needed. For quick access, bundle documents together using a SPEEDWRAP® or VELCRO® brand strap.  It’s always good practice to inform friends or loved ones of your intended route and scheduled time of return.

3. Proper dress code: The right type of gear including shoes, wristbands and climbing accessories will assist in the climbing process.

4. Securing Items: Organizing and securing various rock climbing tools using SPEEDWRAP® and VELCRO® brand straps will benefit you during the climb. These hook and loop straps are easy to use, reusable and offer easier access to items. They can also be attached to your back or carabineer.  These straps are also handle when you’ve completed your climb and you want to organize and store your climbing gear.

Rock climbing tips differ slightly depending on whether it is indoor or outdoors. However, the more one engages in rock climbing, the more experienced and skilled they become.

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