Organizing Tips Around Your Pool

Pool Organization Tips

Since your home is your ultimate comfort zone, keeping it organized makes it easier to enjoy.

There is no reason that organization has to stop when you step outside of your home. For homeowners with an in-ground or above ground pool, organization is key to keeping your outdoor fun area enjoyable.

Below, you will find excellent organization tips to clean things up around the pool and keep the outside of your home looking as beautiful as the inside.

Pool Organization Tips

Water Toys

Popular pool products, especially for those with kids, are water noodles. These fun foam noodles allow you to float, shoot water and play with your family. Kids of all ages fight over these cherished toys.

However, these fun toys also end up scattered around the yard and  pool area. Even when the kids actually remember to put pool toys away, without a secured storage area, a summer storm can have other plans for the organization of these toys.

Just take the infamous ‘water noodle’ as an example. These popular toys are in desperate need of organization. A great way to keep all  water noodles together is to bundle them with hook and loop fasteners. Simply wrap a hook and loop cut-to-length tape or hook and loop strap around the noodles for snug, secure hold.

Wrapping those noodles together saves you time from having to walk around your yard gathering noodles. Having organized water toys also , allows for less work pulling them out next time you want to hop in the pool with the kids.


Pool Hoses

If taming water noodles wasn’t challenging enough, how about those hoses?  If you own a pool vacuum, then you have probably had trouble keeping your vacuum hoses rolled up every time you put them away. And, sure enough, as soon as you walk away, the hose mysteriously unwinds itself.

We have a couple of solutions for this. First, purchase a storage reel and attach it somewhere you know the hose will always be. Second, bundle the hose like you’ve done with the water noodles. The benefit of this is that you can carry a bundled hose vs a loose one is far simpler and safer.

Depending on how large the vacuum hose is, you might need a more robust strap  for bundling the hose. Look for a hook and loop strap that is “industrial grade.” Industrial grade, hook and loop straps are not always sold at your local hardware or home center, so you may need to purchase them online from a manufacturer.  A few minutes searching online for industrial grade hook and loop fasteners is worth the time, as higher quality hook and loop straps are water resistant, easy to use and reusable for the entire summer.

Speedtech International, Inc has a large selection of both SPEEDWRAP® and VELCRO® brand, industrial grade hook & loop products for all of your bundling and organizational needs. Give us a call today at (866) 427-1456.

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