Hook and Loop Gardening Tips

Gardening TipsSummer is here and many of us are out working in our gardens. One of the best garden tips I’ve learned is to keep your produce out of the dirt because fruits and vegetables left on the ground are more likely to suffer from damage caused by insects. By keeping everything up and off the ground you will find that you have a larger and healthier harvest. The trick is to keep your plants from falling over.

Over the years we have tried a wide variety of straps and ties in our garden to keep our plants standing tall and the produce off the ground. We have used items as simple as bread ties and string to fancy zip ties. While these methods will work in the garden, they still create a few problems of their own.

The goal is to grow a healthy harvest, the last thing you want is for the ties to start cutting into the plants and damage them. This means making sure to leave room for growth. If you need to go back and loosen your ties it will become very time consuming. Twisting off a hundred bread ties and putting them back on isn’t the best way to spend a saturday morning. Nylon zip ties are even worse because you have to cut them off and replace them with a new one. This is not only a waste of money, but it’s also bad for the environment since nylon zip ties are just going to end up in a landfill for the next decade or two.

Using Hook and Loop Straps

Hook and loop straps are a great tool to have in your garden. These straps are strong enough to hold the plants in place without inflicting damage on them. They can also be quickly adjusted, removed, and replaced. Another thing to consider about using hook and loop straps is that they are 100% reusable. When the harvest is over, collect all your straps and tuck them neatly away in the garage until next summer.

Heavy Duty Cinch Straps

This is another one of the tools in my gardening arsenal. These can be used for securing more demanding items, like tomato plants. If you’re using some form of metal caging to assist in plant growth, you will find it frustrating when one of the joints break, since not all of us have access to a professional welder who can repair it. A heavy duty cinch strap will solve the problem in seconds and last all summer long. You can also use these straps for organizing and bundling larger items like hoses and gardening tools.

Speedtech International has a large selection of hook and loop fasteners including SPEEDWRAP® and VELCRO® brand hook & loop straps for all of your DIY needs. Give us a call today at (866) 427-1456.

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