Organize Your Next Fishing Trip with VELCRO® brand strips

velcro diy tips fishingOver the years I have found many uses for VELCRO® brand hook and loop strips in my office, around my home and in the garage. However, a number of these have even found there way along with me on my regular fishing adventures. Below you will find a few of my favorite tips for fishing.

Portable Fish Finder using VELCRO® brand strips

Sometimes I have trouble seeing my fish finder depending on where I’m at in the boat. Often I would lay it somewhere close to me and before I knew it the finder was laying on the floor of the boat, waiting to get stepped on or broken. A great solution to this problem uses VELCRO® brand hook and loop strips. Attach a strip of hook, which is the scratchy plastic side, to the back of your fish finder. Now, place the soft sided loop strips in various locations around your boat. You now have a truly portable fish finder that won’t get stepped on, broken or slide off the seat into a bucket of minnows.

No Spill Trays with VELCRO® brand hook & loop strips

When I find myself only needing quick access to a few items such as, weights, hooks, and a few lures, I will often toss them in a small plastic tray. This is sometimes more convenient than digging through my tackle box while fishing from the boat. The problem is that it often spills, and a few times has ended up falling over the side of the boat. By attaching a strip of VELCRO® brand hook to the side of the tray and then placing strips of loop in various spots on my boat, I can quickly attach the tray directly in front of wherever I’m sitting.

Never Lose Another Rod & Reel

If you do a great deal of fishing in your canoe or kayak, you know that it’s not hard for your rod & reel to end up at the bottom of the lake. It can also be annoying while transporting your canoe along the shore. One thing I found that really helps is to attach the rod directly to the canoe or kayak using VELCRO® brand hook and loop strips. Attaching it at the base, middle and tip will support it and hold it firmly to the canoe.

If you’re looking for more ideas that can make your next fishing trip a little more organized, Speedtech International may be able to help. We provide both SPEEDWRAP® and VELCRO® brand hook & loop strips for all your DIY needs. Give us a call today at (866) 427-1456.

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7 Responses to Organize Your Next Fishing Trip with VELCRO® brand strips

  1. I would have never thought to use the VELCRO Brand Strips on my fishing trips that I take every year. This sounds like a very good way to stay organized.

  2. I think that will be a great way for me to stay organized during my next big fishing trip.

  3. Sounds very helpful! Thanks for sharing

  4. I need something to keep me organized when I go on my fishing trips. Hopefully this will help!

  5. These will for sure help me stay organized. Thanks for the tips.

  6. Wow you can really use Velcro for a lot of things related to fishing! Thanks for the great ideas.

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