How to start a Garage Band

The Garage Band; It’s the foundation of the rock n’ roll culture. Millions of teenagers, pre-teens .. and grown-ups too .. have enjoyed countless nights rocking out in their garages and driving their neighbors crazy. Forming your first garage band can be a magical moment in your life but where do you get started? If this is the question keeping you up at night, fear no more. We are officially releasing the top secret formula to the public on how to start a garage band.

velcro diy tips for garage band

Step 1: Learn how to play an instrument. This is pretty obvious but actually gets overlooked a lot. If you can’t play anything, start practicing now. Air Guitar doesn’t count.

Step 2: Find other musicians who want to play. Preferably ones who “really” know how to play and will actually show up on time to practice. This is easier said than done.

Step 3: Clean out the garage and get ready to rock. The garage sounds great but you might want to throw some heavy rugs down on the floor. The more the better as this will help cut down on all the crazy bass vibrations that you will be bouncing all over the place.

Step 4: This is a garage band not a professional sound stage. So, keep driving past the music store and head down to the pawn shop. You’re going to need some “pro” garage band gear. They should have an excellent supply of instruments, amps, and accessories that you won’t care about if they get dropped on a concrete garage floor.

Step 5: You’re going to need both duck tape & electrical tape for patching things back together and fixing bad cables to avoid electrocution. You will also need a healthy stock of hook & loop fastening supplies (e.g. VELCRO® or SPEEDWRAP® brand ties, tape or straps). These hook and loop cable ties and straps will not only help you keep all your power and patch cords from getting tangled but by using various hook and loop products you can stick gear in place to prevent it from crashing to the floor.

Make sure you have a bunch of SPEEDWRAP® Cord Connectors on your list. These patented hook and loop fasteners prevent power cords from pulling apart when you don’t want them to: which is key to preventing your mother from entering the garage and “pulling the plug” on you mid jam. The right gear, preparation and patch cord and cable management could actually be the single factor that determines if your band moves on to worldwide fame or to just you flipping burgers down the street.

That’s all there is to it. Now you’re ready to rock. If you have any questions, Speedtech International has the largest selection of both VELCRO® and SPEEDWRAP® brand fasteners for all your music needs. Give us a call today at (866) 427-1456.

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1 Response to How to start a Garage Band

  1. I’ve always wanted to start a garage band. Sounds so much fun.

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