Office organization tips

The office is one of the most important places in your everyday life. It is the hub of your work life. It is important to stay organized as it will help you be more efficient with work and therefore, make your life less stressful.

velcro office organization tips

Here are bunch of tips to help keep your office space organized:

  • Every couple weeks, clean out each of your desk drawers. Throw away and/or recycle old items that you don’t need/use anymore. If there are things that you want to keep, but don’t necessarily need a hard copy of, scan them into your computer for safekeeping.
  • Organize, route, and bundle all the loose wires on and behind your desk and leading from office equipment.
  • Every month or so, completely clear the top of your desk off,  and wipe down the surface with a disinfecting wipes.
  • Only keep your essential work items on your desk (computer/laptop, phone, fax machine, etc.). Anything else that can be moved to a drawer should be, to keep your desk clutter free.
  • Use hook & loop fasteners to prevent tangled cords and keep things looking tidy.
  • Keep a master “to-do list” by your desk. It is best to update it day by day.
  • If you get a lot of mail, pre-sort it as it comes in: read, file or contact.
  • Use several different containers to organize your supplies such as pens, paper clips, post-it notes, etc.
  • Use a desktop organizer to organize important papers.
  • Have a separate organizer for your personal documents, such as pay stubs, employee handbooks, and information about insurance, etc.
  • Use storage boxes to keep files that are may be needed for audtis, but may not necessary to be accessed immediately.
  • Color-code your files to keep them easily recognizable.
  • When you are done with projects, organize your paperwork in storage so it is out of the way, but still can be accessed easily.
  • At the end of each day or week, straighten up your desk and get rid of excess paperwork that is not needed.

If you are looking for ways to make your office organized and tidy, Speedtech International may be able to help. We provide businesses with SPEEDWRAP® and VELCRO® brand fastener products to help organize, route, identify and bundle wires behind your desk and around office equipment. Give us a call today at (866) 427-1456.

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5 Responses to Office organization tips

  1. In my office, staying organized is my key to success. I really have to keep everything in line to ensure an efficient workflow.

  2. Thanks for the organizational tips. I’ll for sure take your information into consideration as I am about to start my spring cleaning in my office.

  3. The picture that you have posted in your blog is the perfect way to describe me during a typical day of work. I always have post-it notes everywhere. I need to take some of the organizational tips into consideration.

  4. I like keeping all of my work organized at all time. I think that this information will help me achieve that.

  5. This post is not only insightful but it is interesting. Thanks.

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