For Those Who Love SPEEDWRAP® & VELCRO® Brand Fasteners: The History Of Hook and Loop

Hook-and-Loop Timeline

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Our Quality Conscious Customers Might Want to Know

A leading ISO Auditor, Eagle Registration Inc, has once again certified that Speedtech International Inc., has a “Best Practice” QC management system in place to handle customer requests and orders including order receipt, processing and purchasing through to manufacturing and quality assurance that meet all ISO 9001:2008 standards.

 As a market leader in the fabrication and marketing of hook and loop ties, straps and specialty fasteners and as a key supplier to some of the nation’s leading manufacturers and Industrial Distributors, Speedtech continually strives to improve its processes and procedures. An ISO 9001:2008 Certification once again serves as a validation of Speedtech International’s focus on the highest quality manufacturing, sales and customer service standards.

What Is ISO?

ISO (International Standards Organization) is the world’s largest developer of voluntary International Standards. International Standards give consistent, state-of-the-art process specifications for manufacturing products, competitive services, as well as providing ‘best practice protocol’, all to help industry and companies become more efficient and effective.

What Certification Did Speedtech Receive?

ISO has certified that Speedtech International meets all ISO 9001:2008 exacting standards. This means that they have demonstrated their ability to consistently provide products that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and that they aim to enhance total customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system.

Speedtech International’s President, Christopher Karnowski comments, “We have been a leader in the fabrication of hook and loop fasteners for over 20 years. We have received an ‘outstanding supplier award’ from one of our largest customers and we continue to receive compliments from customers whose expectations we have exceeded. Knowing that ISO auditors approve our quality management system, and have once again received official ISO Certification is a huge compliment to our entire team.”

For further information visit:


Or Call 262-635-9394


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A Teacher’s Classroom Use of SPEEDWRAP®

SPEEDWRAP® products are so handy in the classroom!  At Speedtech International Inc., we are always thrilled to receive an email from a SPEEDWRAP® client. It validates that our products are useful and purposeful in so many applications.

A Holly Hill Elementary School teacher writes:“As you can see from the pictures, we use SPEEDWRAP® products for everything from picture schedules to keeping little fingers out of the snack cabinets.”

Ms. C uses our SPEEDWRAP® hook and loop tape with pressure sensitive adhesive on her students’ project books and to organize clippings on the classroom cabinet. This reusable tape is versatile, durable and easy to use with an adhesive back that will stick to most surfaces and the ability to cut any length you need.

Ms. C also creatively uses the Cord Connector™ to keep her students from sneaking into the snack cabinet. The Cord Connector is an innovative and practical solution to prevent two power cords from accidentally unplugging and we LOVE her creative use. Who would have thought it could be used as a snack protector??!!!

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A NEW Solution For Securing Cam Arm Locks In Place on Tanker Trucks

Before and after tanker truck deliveries, it’s customary for drivers to lock the cam arms into place so they do not accidentally open during transport. Popular solutions for that application have always been bungee cords or hook and loop cinch straps. Hook and loop cinch straps are sold in a variety of sizes to fit almost any cam lock application. These straps are often sold in bright colors like the SPEEDWRAP® Heavy Duty Cinch Strap in high visibility green.


A New Cam Lock Solution: Safe, Reusable, Durable and Elastic
New for 2016 – there’s a new cam arm locking solution – Kwik Bandit™ . SPEEDWRAP® Brand Kwik Bandit™ Rubber Straps combine the best features of traditional cable ties, with those of elastic straps like bungee cords.  With Kwik Bandits™ you can simply stretch, wrap & lock the strap around the cam lock arms for a secure hold.  This patent-pending fastening solution is available in three sizes and tensile strengths. The larger 14” and 24” Kwik Bandits™ are available with locking pins making them ideal for heavy-duty transportation.

Heavy Duty, no tools required:
Kwik Bandits™ are easy to use with work gloves and no tools are required.
They are a worker-friendly banding solution designed to eliminate tools, hooks, and complicated threading. Kwik Bandits™ reduces attachment time that is often required to secure objects of different dimensions. Its release mechanism is safe and quick. Kwik Bandits™ are designed and tested to withstand extreme temperatures and deterioration due to UV rays and salt. Robust construction and materials result in a heavy duty banding solution.

Try A Kwik Bandit™ On Your Cam Arm Locking Application:
Kwik Bandit™ is marketed by Speedtech International, Inc and available for purchase through leading Industrial Distributors like Fastenal or online at and

To learn more about the product or to inquire about reselling Kwik Bandit™ ties, contact Speedtech today at 262-635-9394 or email

More About Speedtech International, Inc.
Founded in 1994, Speedtech International Inc. pioneered the development of cable and wire management using hook and loop fasteners. Speedtech provides OEM’s, engineers, product managers, purchasing agents and distributors the most complete line of hook and loop and specialty fastening products including ties, straps, tape, and unique patented fasteners. Today the company also offers non-hook and loop products for bundling, banding, and securing wires and cables, or for material handling. Newer products include the Kwik Bandit™ Rubber Banding Straps and the Ty-Up™ Pallet and Cargo Ties. For more information and to view Speedtech’s full product offerings, visit .

For more information:
Or Call 262-635-9394

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What is Hook and Loop?

Many people contact us requesting hook and loop information. While there is a very straightforward answer to the question, – “What is hook and loop?” – most people are also curious about different applications.

Hook and loop: A Material.

First, hook and loop refers to materials manufactured, that when mated together, fasten securely but can also be opened and reclosed multiple times.. One surface consists of small “hooks”; the other contains a number of tiny “loops”. When pressed together, the hook and loops “engage”, thus fastening the two components together. Because hook and the loop materials fasten together, the products made from hook and loop are often called ‘hook and loop fasteners’. Visit this page for the history of hook and loop.


Pulling apart hook from loop tape.

Hook and loop: A Fastener

Popular examples of hook and loop fasteners include cable ties and straps. These products are manufactured by taking hook and loop materials and converting them into a usable shape and the finished fastener is now a hook and loop product. One category of fasteners made from hook and loop includes cable ties, straps and cut-to-length tapes. Consumers use these products for cord and cable management. These products are Speedtech’s specialty. Few Companies have more products, tooling, customization or expertise in this category. Examples of innovative fastening solutions include Standard Cable Ties, Cinch Straps, Suspender Straps, And Cut-to-Length Reels and Rolls.

Hook and Loop in your product: Custom

There are millions of products that include hook and loop as a component of a finished product. Examples include orthopedic braces, diapers, clothing, and other fastening devices. To create these products, manufacturers can work with custom fabricators like Speedtech, for help selecting specific materials designed to meet detailed performance specifications and for conversion and fabrication of these materials into a final shape and design. The finished product is designed to meet the customer’s usage, reusability needs, application and more.

The uses for hook and loop material and applications for hook and loop fastening products are endless but the sources for expertise, custom solutions and industrial grade products are not. Contact the Vel-Perts™ at Speedtech today expert advice for all your hook and loop needs.

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Avoiding Server Room Spaghetti: Practical Ideas to Keep Your Cables Organized

Does your server room look like a mound of spaghetti? If so, you are not alone. It’s easy to let the seemingly miles of cable accrue throughout the room like a growing vine. Not only do messy cables increase the likelihood of signal loss, disorganized server closets make performing even simple tasks very difficult and challenging. This article examines some innovative approaches to organizing your server room or data closet.

SPEEDWRAP®  cord organizers for server rooms

SPEEDWRAP® cord organizers for server rooms

Before we get started, you will need to stock up on quality cord and cable organizers. The fancy terms for these are ‘cable management products.’ These fasteners are a must for server closet organization! Appropriate bundling of the cables in and around your equipment is always good practice because it allows for easy access to the servers from all angles, improves airflow and allows for easier trouble shooting.

Now, let’s examine a few strategies to create a safe, controlled and well-organized data closet.

Choose Your Racks

Your servers and equipment such as routers, switches, backup power supplies, etc., should be stored on racks for easy organization. There are a variety of different types and sizes of freestanding and wall-mounted racks. Choosing the right combination to fit both your equipment and space is important. Take measurements of the area, making sure to account for ventilation and aisle space. Once you set up your room, be sure to have plenty of cable organizers on hand. Hook and loop cable ties work wonders, especially when used in conjunction with rack systems.

Explore Raising the Floor

Raising your floor has many benefits, especially when it comes to cabling. A 12” raised floor provides enough hidden space to keep your cords out of site. Some believe this is a safer option, as it allows for better grounding and air circulation. You can either install a raised floor yourself, or, there are a number of companies who specialize in this type of installation. Regardless of the route you choose, you will need to have plenty of cable organizers ready when you start placing the equipment. Because of its versatility, SPEEDWRAP® cut-to-length hook and loop tape is ideal for bundling cables underneath raised flooring. Be sure to use hook and loop tape or straps that are qualified safe and acceptable for Air Handling (Plenum) Spaces.

Label Your Cables!

This is important, especially since multiple people may have access to your server room. Keeping a database of your cables is imperative. You may also want to manually label them or color code them as well. Cord and cable organizers, such as the new SPEEDWRAP® Write-On Glow In The Dark Cable Tie are ideal when it comes to helping you label your cables. This new flexible, self-engaging cable tie has a surface that you can write on with a pen, pencil or marker. This allows you to label, bundle and organize a bundle of wires with one fastener. The Write-On Glow In The Dark Cable Tie’s tip glows in the dark, making it easier to locate in low- level lighting.

Mount Your Cables:

Now that you’ve bundled your wires and cables, its time to route them around your servers. Mounting your cables is a key part of maximizing airflow, strain relieving cables and overall organization. Sticking with soft, flexible cable management and hook and loop fasteners, there are a few of these types of fasteners that are the most popular for mounting. Cinch straps with grommets, cable ties on sticky-back mounting bases and plastic tie mounts are the most popular mountable hook and loop cord and cable organizers.

Cable management is always a challenge, but products such as write-on ties, flexible hook and loop cable ties and mountable hook and loop fasteners allow you to organize cords and cables in a server room- easily and safely. Addressing the spaghetti and identifying the wires and cables in a data closet, makes the space safer, improves airflow around servers and makes for improved maintenance. Hook and loop fasteners like SPEEDWRAP® brand ties, tape and mountable fasteners are gentile on wires, reusable and industrial grade. This makes them the ideal fastener for data cables and data closets.

For more information about cord and cable organizers in data centers and server rooms, contact Speedtech International, Inc today at 800-771-3896 or email

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Clever Classroom Organization and Creativity Ideas

Have you considered using hook and loop products in your classroom?  From organization to creating special projects, hook and loop products for teachers have a variety of handy applications and uses.   Most school budgets are very limited, so it is important to find inexpensive, yet effective, ways to make your classroom more functional, fun and efficient.  The versatility and affordability of hook and loop products makes them perfect options for teachers.

Hook and loop products for teachers help keep even the most hectic classrooms organized.  As you browse through options, you will likely come up with your own creative uses.  We will outline some popular applications in this article.

Hook and loop cinch straps are ideal for classroom organization. Secured with a cinching ring, these straps are perfect for bundling and/or fastening items.  For example, teachers can use cinch straps to bundle power cords around audio and video equipment in the classroom.

There are many different types of hook and loop tape, rolls & reels that work well for classrooms. The sticky-back variety can be adhered to almost any surface for mounting anything from students’ artwork to project boards.  They are easy to apply and, because they come in different widths, they work in both large scale and small-scale applications.  There is also back-to-back style hook and loop rolls, that wrap objects and then back onto themselves for a secure hold. A few rolls of this product will cover most of your cord and cable management needs.

The versatility of hook and loop straps allows you (and your students) to explore your creativity!  Interactive collages are still popular in classrooms.  Hook and loop products allow students the ability to attach various objects to the collage so they can express their personality and individuality.

Younger students tend to benefit greatly from lesson boards.  Adhesive backed hook and loop products are perfect for these applications because they allow you to adhere various objects and images to the board, making the “lesson” plans much more interesting than plain written text.  For older students, you can develop creative “review” boards to help them learn, understand and retain important information.  This is especially helpful before a big exam!!

Not every classroom or child has an iPad or computer, so creating math boards or developing math games can help promote a more enthusiastic, interactive environment.  This is especially popular with multiplication tables.

Social studies and geography teachers find hook and loop products very beneficial when using maps.  Create a map of the entire United States and adhere each state with sticky backed, hook and loop tape for easy placement and removal.  The same can be done for maps of the local area, specific region or of the entire world.  You can come up with fun and creative quizzes and games to complement the maps.

Students with special needs also benefit because teachers can create different shapes they can feel and touch. Some teachers use hook and loop products to develop specialized, adaptable books and other customized learning aids.

Hook and loop products also provide an inexpensive way to achieve a three-dimensional effect.  Adhering parts and pieces to a work of art, display board or scrapbook projects a 3D effect.

So, as you organize and make your classroom more efficient, don’t forget to bring a variety of hook and loop products. Speedtech International, Inc., offers a variety of hook and loop fasteners for classrooms, sold under the brand name SPEEDWRAP®.  The company also distributes VELCRO® Brand Ties, Tape and Straps.  If you are unsure as to which specific products to consider, Speedtech has representatives available to answer your questions.  They may be contacted at 800-771-386 or by emailing Enjoy and good luck!

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